Bring ‘Em Back

Here is the list of the Alumni who have accepted our invitation, pending our being able to raise the funds for the travel and lodging budget.  With regrets, we announce that Sheila Finch, Gene Wolfe, Ben Bova, and Tananarive Due cannot attend.

B50 GoH Alumni

Balticon Guest of Honor Alumni

We’re kicking it ‘old school’ and asking you to become a “Patron of the Arts.” Donate to the travel and lodging budget for a specific Alumnus or an Alumni couple. Include your donation with your Balticon 50 Mail-In Membership Registration Fill-In Form or click the paypal button next to their name below to become that guest’s Patron.

As a Get ‘Em Here Patron, you will cover travel expense for an Alumnus. As a Gimme Shelter Patron, you will cover lodging expense for an Alumnus. Either way, we’ll invite you to an exclusive, by-invitation-only Bring ‘Em Back Patron and Sponsor Autograph Reception. We promise we’ll have some cool surprises there!

As an I Made This Happen Patron, you will cover both lodging and travel for one (or more) Alumnus and we’ll also invite you to have dinner with the Con Chair, Guests of Honor and Alumni.

To submit your donation when you register, just select the name of the GoH Alumnus you wish to sponsor from the drop down list provided on the Balticon 50 Mail-In Membership Registration Fill-In Form. For information about more exciting membership opportunities, check out the Balticon 50 Membership Information packet.

If you prefer to avoid using snail mail, you can submit your Bring ‘Em Back donation via paypal, click the paypal button just under or next to the name(s). Write the name of the Alumnus in the Special Instructions to Seller box just to make sure we get it right. Paypal takes a wider variety of credit cards than the Balticon on-line payment system is able to process. To qualify for Patron status, the following minimum donations apply:

Bring ‘Em Back Gimme Shelter Lodging Patron

Bring ‘Em Back I Got ‘Em Here Travel Patron

Bring ‘Em Back I Made This Happen All-Expenses Patron

$800 Minimum Donation

$1500 Minimum Donation

$2500 Minimum Donation


Guest of Honor
GoH Name or
Paypal Link
GoH Name or
Paypal Link

15          1981 John Varley

19          1985 R. A. MacAvoy

20          1986 Nancy Springer

26          1992 Donald Kingsbury Michael F. Flynn

27          1993 Allen Steele

32          1998                   Harry Turtledove

Thanks to Hal3000 for being Harry Turtledove’s “Gimme Shelter” Patron!

36          2002 Phil Foglio and Kaja Foglio

37          2003

Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Thanks to Martin & Shirley for being Sharon Lee & Steve Miller’s “Gimme Shelter” Patrons!

39          2005 Steve Barnes

41          2007 Larry Niven

42          2008 Connie Willis
Thanks to Eloise Echeverria for being Connie Willis’s “Gimme Shelter” Patron!

43          2009 Charles Stross

46          2012 Jody Lynn Nye

Thanks to Patti Kinlock for being Jody Lynn Nye’s “Gimme Shelter” Patron!

47          2013 Joe Haldeman

49          2015 Jo Walton

To become a CORPORATE SPONSOR for a specific Alumnus or Alumni couple, go to the SPONSORSHIPS page to learn about the options available.

When your donation exceeds the expenses for the VERY SPECIAL GUEST you want to help us bring to Balticon 50, the overage will be applied to the general alumni transportation and lodging fund. If we do not raise enough to bring in an author on whose behalf you have made a donation, your donation will be applied to the overall Balticon 50 fund.

We welcome donations in ANY amount, of course. Whatever you can toss our way will help us to Bring ‘Em Back!

If you just can’t just pick one, because (of course!) you want us to Bring ‘Em ALL Back, you can always donate to the general Balticon 50 “Bring ‘Em Back!” fund, and we’ll apply your donation to the Bring ‘Em Back budget. Write “Bring ‘Em Back!” in the memo line or your check or enter “Bring ‘Em Back!” in the Special Instructions to Seller on Paypal.

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