Program Participation

What is expected of program participants?

Some of our best ideas come from program participants. You can find a Program Suggestions Submission Form here.

We ask Balticon program participants to:

You can look at the official Balticon 50 Participant Membership Policy here if you want to, or the following includes the basic points.

Participate in a minimum of 4 program hours.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are a four-day convention and would like to keep our programming strong on Friday and Monday, so please be with us all four days if at all possible. Our goal is to have participants and attendees anxious to get in and get started Friday afternoon and putting off leaving until the last minute on Monday!

To further clarify the above the program hours requirement:

If you have a dealer or artist alley table, are an Art Show exhibitor, or are a Masquerade judge or contestant, we will credit you one program hour.

If you will be at Balticon for only one day to deliver a presentation, we will provide you a one-day participant membership. You will, of course, be offered a chance to participate in other programming in addition to your presentation, but are not required to do so.

Let us know — no later than March 15th, please! — if there are technical requirements for your presentation such as a projection screen, DVD player, computer monitor, ELMO, or sound system.

Let us know — no later than April 15th, please! — if there are display requirements for your presentation such as a a white board with markers and eraser, an easel pad and crayons or colored markers, or a .

Show up a few minutes early where scheduled to appear, and be ready to start on time when the door closes.

End appearances at scheduled times to facilitate getting attendees and other participants into and out of the rooms with a minimum of chaos. Be considerate of those scheduled for the next program hour and leave the presentation/panelist area tidy.

If you are moderating a panel, keep your own remarks to a minimum, treat all panelists equally and try to give all panelists equal time to be heard.

Bear in mind that everyone (including all staff and BSFS officers) who works at Balticon is a volunteer and be kind — they are working hard to make this event a success for everyone!

What’s in it for me?

As a Balticon Program participant, you:

Receive a membership to Balticon in exchange for your program participation.

Can purchase a membership for one SO, life partner/companion for one half the May 1st  published membership rate for the Balticon to be attended.

Can purchase children’s memberships for your eligible minor children at one half the May 1st  published children’s membership rate for the Balticon to be attended.

Can purchase  adult memberships for your children aged 13 to 25 who are students (student ID required for those over age 17) at one half the May 1st published adult membership rate.

Are invited to rest, recoup, snack and meet other participants as well as our Guests of Honor in the Balticon Green Room.

Are invited to have us schedule a time for you (or someone you designate) to do a reading of your work.

Are invited to have us schedule a time for your autograph session shared with one or 2 other professionals.

Will have an opportunity to meet and greet other participants, Guests of Honor and Balticon attendees during “Friday Face Time” on Friday evening at “Meet the Artists” in the Art Show, “Meet the Guests” in the Con Suite and “Meet the Scientists” in Homeland.

Acquire fame, adoration and undying devotion from Balticon attendees.

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