Balticon Science Program

Balticon offers over 30 hours of original science programming. Meet the scientists and attend fascinating presentations and panel discussions.

The Balticon Skeptics Program is a companion to the science track and offers presentations and discussions exploring topics through skeptical thinking methodologies. This may include debunking of urban myths and other rumors, examination of flaws in scientific method as applied to claimed results, etc.

Special science program guests:

Over 30 guest speakers will talk in the science and skeptics programs, among those being:

Zoltan Levay, Space Telescope Science Institute. He works on processing digital images from the Hubble Space Telescope

Claire McCague, Writer, scientist, and musician who fabricates nanostructured materials by day and spins words into scripts and books at night.  She works for the Laboratory for Alternative Energy Conversion and performs with the Sybaritic String Band.

Diana Reiss, Professor of psychology at Hunter College and in the graduate program of Animal Behavior and Comparative Psychology at the City University of New York, “Minding Dolphins”

The full schedule will be available later.

Special pre-Balticon science event:

Friday, 2 PM. Tour of University of MD Columbus Center Marine Studies Institute, 701 E. Pratt Street,  20 people MAX, WATCH FISH BEING GROWN for release in the Chesapeake Bay.  Meet in the Renaissance Lobby at 1:30 PM for 4 block walk to site. Henry Meier — Tour Guide.