What would you like to see at Balticon? Over the four days of Balticon, literally hundreds of separate sessions are presented. Do you have an idea of a session you would like to see, organize, or be part of? If so, fill out this form with your ideas and help us create an enjoyable weekend for all.

Balticon sessions generally fall into the following 11 areas:

  • Art: The Art Program Track brings you over 20 hours of presentations, demonstrations, workshops and discussion panels with our artist guest of honor, art show and artists alley exhibitors and other artists participating at Balticon. Learn a new techinique, how to sell your art, to how to keep your head straight and still get the work done. Watch artists create work right in front of you during workshops, demos, games and competitions. Attend presentations about art history and artists’ personal experiences in the industry. Get to know exhibitors in the Art Show during Meet the Artist hours.
  • Costuming: Balticon offers costuming panels, workshops and presentations. We try to schedule quite a bit of that before the Masquerade so that novices can pick up some last minute coaching if they want it. However, the Masquerade post-mortem is a not-to-be-missed event!
  • Fan Programming: Balticon’s Fan Program Track includes events such as the SF Trivia Contest, panel discussions on getting the most from your convention experience, examining lifestyle choices, looking at ways to be involved in fandom, demonstrations of some of the hobbies fans get involved in and discussions about various aspects of topics such as space war, private enterprise in space, and more.
  • Filmmaking: The Film and TV Program track provides a forum wherein talent, producers, directors, special effects technicians and others involved in making independent science fiction, science fact, fantasy, and horror films can meet each other and discuss their trade. It offers opportunities to compare and contrast current and past film and television offerings, celebrate favorites with other fans, compare literary and film versions of works, and discuss the trends in SF entertainment.
  • Gaming: The Gaming Program Track includes introductory presentations, explorations of old and new board games and card games, panel discussion and open discussion forums.
  • Literary: Balticon Literary Program Track participants with qualifications as authors, editors, publishers, reviewers and long-time fans will explore varied themes in SF, Fantasy, Horror and mixed-genre literature through panel and round table debates and discussions, workshops, presentations, author readings and personal autograph session interactions. Balticon is, at the heart of it all, a literary convention. It is therefore fitting that, with multiple literary program tracks (Editors, Readers, Readings, Writers, and Small Press Publishing), this Literary Program Track forms the core of Balticon programming.
  • Makers
  • Music/Filk: The Music/Filk Program at Balticon offers many hours of musical and comedy entertainment and education. In addition to a fantastic schedule of concerts, the Music Program Track offers workshops, jam sessions, panel discussions and 3 nights of Open Filk.
  • New Media: There’s a whole wonderful world of non-traditional media available. Come and meet local artists and writers from the world of web comics and many other fascinating people leading the new media explosion. What’s the latest in podcasting? Learn more about what’s available in independent new media and how to turn it to your advantage.
  • Science: Balticon offers over 30 hours of original science programming. Meet the scientists and attend fascinating presentations and panel discussions.
  • Skeptics: The Balticon Skeptics Program offers presentations and discussions exploring topics through skeptical thinking methodologies. This may include debunking of urban myths and other rumors, examination of flaws in scientific method as applied to claimed results, etc.