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Many Balticon events are recorded and are available on DVD, including Events and GoH Presentations, DVD sets starting with Balticon 40 (2006), Masquerade sets starting with Balticon 27 (1993) and Parody Play performances.

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Balticon is run entirely by volunteers.

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What is Balticon?

Join members of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society as we embark on the second fifty years of Balticon, the premier non-profit fan-run Science Fiction Convention in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We’ll have multiple tracks of Programming over the four day weekend, featuring authors, artists, scientists, musicians, podcasters, publishers, editors, costumers and other creative SF luminaries. Visit our Art Show and Dealers Room, attend one of our concerts or a dance, or take a break in the Gaming room or Video or Anime Room if you can tear yourself away from our entertaining and educational panels. Attend a Writer’s or Poetry Workshop, watch the Masquerade, or learn a new craft.

Balticon welcomes Eric Flint as our Guest of Honor. His alternate history novel 1632 was published in 2000, and has led to a long-running series with many novels and anthologies in print. Balticon 51 will host the 1632 Minicon, which celebrates Eric’s 1632 series, about the town of Grantville, West Virginia, transported from the year 2000 to Thuringia, Germany of 1631.

Donato Giancola joins us as Artist Guest of Honor. Donato has been creating his fantastic art for the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and gaming communities for many years, and this year he will share his talents with us at Balticon. Our Filk Guest is Amy McNally, fiddler extraordinaire, and our 2016 Compton Crook winner Fran Wilde will be there too.

So come and join with us to celebrate all of our guests, along with the 2017 Compton Crook and Heinlein Award winners. There is sure to be something that will interest you!

1632 Minicon

The 1632 Minicon celebrates Balticon Author Guest of Honor Eric Flint’s 1632 series, about the town of Grantville, West Virginia, transported from the year 2000 to Thuringia, Germany of 1631—that’s right, while the Thirty Years War is raging. The Minicon provides a venue for the many collaborators and fans of the 1632 universe to get  together. Editors Walt Boyes and Bjorn Hasseler will talk about how to write for the online magazine Grantville Gazette, a SFWA pro venue set in and relating to the 1632 universe. Other planned Minicon events include a mass autographing session and a program track developed by Joy Ward and Walt Boyes and presented by 1632 universe authors. These will include the famous Weird Tech panel (moderated by Rick Boatright) and Eric’s “Snerking the Plots” presentation (where he tells you what he has in mind for the future of the series)!

Author Guest of Honor Eric Flint – Creator of the 1632 universe.
Artist Guest of Honor Donato Giancola – Donato’s paintings have graced the covers of over 300 novels.
  Fan Guest of Honor Geri Sullivan – Spearheaded the MidAmericon II Video Archeology Project to restore film of 1970s conventions.
Filk Guest Amy McNally – Accomplished folk and Celtic fiddler.
  2016 Compton Crook Award Winner Fran Wilde
2017 Heinlein Award Winner Robert J. Sawyer
To be announced: 2017 Compton Crook Award Winner