In 2018, the BALTICON Short Film Festival (BSFF) will take place on Sunday evening at 8pm. We will thrill festival attendees with independently produced short films from around the region and across the globe. BSFF features live action and animated films in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror from some of the best independent filmmakers this side of the Crab Nebula.

Awards will be given in both the Live Action and Animation category based upon audience preferences.

Its too late to submit an application for 2018, but to submit a film for 2019,  complete the application form (PDF).  Come back to this site around September for information regarding the 2019 festival. Films will be due in early 2019.

Films to be shown this year are:

Session 1 – 8 pm until 9:40 pm  (approx.)

  1. Others Will Follow by Andrew Finch
  2. Einstein-Rosen by Olga Osorio
  3. Hum by Tom Teller
  4. Apocalypse Now Now by Michael Matthews
  5. Strange Beasts by Magali Barbe
  6. Planet Unknown by Shawn Wang
  7. Captain Spaceman: The lost Episode by Dontae Carter
  8. The Nostalgist by Giacomo Cimini
  9. Wire Cutters by Jack Anderson
  10. Future Hero by Ramin Serry


Session 2 – 10 pm until 11:30 pm (approx.)

(Some of the films in this session may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Parents should use caution. There is mild sex in some of these films.)

  1. Due Day by Midia Kiasat
  2. Ro-Bob: The Flatulent Robot Monster: AAD version by Logan Fry
  3. Red Rover by Brooke Goldfinch
  4. The Last Exhibition by Jonathan Djob NKondo
  5. Never Happened by Mark Slutsky
  6. Strange Invaders by Cordell Barker
  7. Rise by Dave Karlak
  8. Miss Wisenheimer and the Aliens by Lancer Kind
  9. The problemless Anonymous by Gary Roberts