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View the Balticon 49 Mobile Schedule


The text below shows a small excerpt from the developing Balticon 49 Program Schedule. This partial schedule will be expanded, in increments, as increasing portions of the schedule become firm.

Please note that the schedule is still subject to change at any time.

Last update Fri May 22 11:53:35 2015

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12:00 PM Wargaming 101 - Friday Parlor 3026
  Joseph C Dorffner Jr, David Redstone, Chris Shockey (11 hours)
  Are you a newcomer to the concept of wargames? There are many different genres -- each one with its own set of rules, such as Games from the Commands & Color series (Battle Cry, Ancients, and Napoleonics), Avalon Hill Gettysburg, and Blue Max will be demonstrated. Sports gaming is also part of the mix as these types of games developed side by side with wargames. A large selection of these types of games will be available to learn how to play. This session is not a panel -- it is a gaming session dedicated to introducting new players to wargaming as a hobby. There are no set time limits; this gaming session is meant to be open gaming and not adhering to a fixed schedule. However, there will be daily round table discussion groups at 2 pm concerning simulation gaming. In addition, local wargamer will also be on hand to teach anyone interested how to paint miniatures. Come join us to learn more!
4:00 PM Boardgaming - Friday Belmont
  (10 hours)
4:00 PM Retelling Fairy-Tales Across Media Garden
  Alex Shvartsman (M), Sunny Moraine, Ruth Sanderson, Jo Walton, Melissa L Hayden (50 minutes)
4:00 PM The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Medical Studies: A Skeptical Journal Club Salon A
  John Cmar MD (50 minutes)
  One of the most important aspects of being a healthy skeptic is knowing: just because a certain topic is studied and an article published, does not mean the study was conducted scientifically, nor that the authors reached a conclusion supported by the data. So, when someone states that a study 'has major flaws' or 'was well-done,' precisely what does that mean? Join us as we analyze two different journal articles in detail, focusing on the good, the bad, and the ugly of how studies are done and interpreted.
4:00 PM How Alien Is Too Alien: World Building with Character and Culture Development Salon C
  Jack McDevitt (M), Paula S Jordan, Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
5:00 PM The Art of Series Editing Derby
  Trisha J Wooldridge (M), Sue Baiman, Elektra Hammond, Mike McPhail (50 minutes)
  Editing is challenging as it is, but what are the things to consider when editing an ongoing series? Whether you're talking shared-world or not, there are things you need to take into account that make this a challenging undertaking.
5:00 PM Open Filk Garden
  Gary Ehrlich (1 hour 50 minutes)
  It's the start of the con! Drop by to sing and/or play some music with us. Or just pull up a chair and listen!
5:00 PM How to Be a First-Rate Moderator Parlor 1041
  Peter Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  First time moderating? Experienced moderator? Come learn how to do it well. Session will be repeated Friday and Saturday.
5:00 PM Healthcare and Phylogenetics Salon A
  Beatrice Kondo PhD (50 minutes)
  Molecular Phylogenetics is a field of study in which DNA and protein sequences are used to compare living organisms in order to make a 'family tree' that demonstrates how they relate to each other and how they diverged from common ancestors. Recently, epidemiologists and virologists have begun using these techniques to track the origins and spread patterns of infectious diseases and to develop prototype vaccines. This talk will introduce phylogenetics and discuss the modern healthcare applications of these techniques.
5:00 PM A Virtual Tour of the Caine Riordan Universe -- and how to build one of your own Salon B
  Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
  A presentation on world design showing an aspiring author how to gather and build a world or universe that will interest and hold readers, with specific reference to the the Caine Riordan/Terran Republic universe used for the book Fire With Fire -- last year's Compton Crook Winner and Nebula finalist.
5:00 PM A Glimpse Behind the Curtain: The Business Side of Writing Salon C
  Joshua Bilmes (M), James Daniel Ross, Bud Sparhawk, Jeff Young (50 minutes)
  There are many resources available about developing the writing craft, but many writers enter the business without knowing the nuts and bolts of how the industry works - query letters, agents, advances, contracts, and more. Established authors and publishing professionals will cover these topics and more, tailored to audience questions.
5:00 PM Podcasting 101 Tack
  Scott E Pond (M), Jason G Banks, Veronica Giguere, Nutty Nuchtchas, Doc Coleman (50 minutes)
  Discuss the basics of developing a podcast. What is your target audience? What are you trying to market? How do you grow a style to call your own that draws in fans?
6:00 PM Autograph - Friday - 6 PM: Nate Nelson, Michael Underwood Autograph Table
  Nate Nelson, Michael Underwood (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Readings: Keith R.A. DeCandido, Sunny Moraine, Jean Marie Ward Chesapeake
  Sunny Moraine, Jean Marie Ward, Keith R.A. DeCandido (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Readings: Jack Campbell/John Hemry, Jack McDevitt, Bud Sparhawk Concierge Lounge
  Jack Campbell/John Hemry, Jack McDevitt, Bud Sparhawk (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Where to Find Inspiration for Your Costume CreateSpace
  Stephanie Burke (M), Debi Chowdhury, Heidi Hooper, Marianne Pease, Carole I Parker (50 minutes)
  Other than your own fabulous imagination, where do you find your costuming ideas? Our experts share their sources with you.
6:00 PM Podcasting for the Listener Derby
  Grig Larson (M), Melissa L Hayden, Nutty Nuchtchas, Brian Rathbone, Dave Robison (50 minutes)
  Where to find podcasts, how to get involved, and what listeners are looking for. Pet peeves listeners have and things they love about some podcasts.
6:00 PM Readings: Tom Doyle, Robyn Wyrick Parlor 1041
  Tom Doyle, Robyn Wyrick (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Continuing Discussion of "A Virtual Tour of the Caine Riordan Universe" Pimlico
  Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
  Attendees of the Virtual Tour presentation are invited to continue the discussion.
6:00 PM Space Shuttle First Flights Salon A
  Jack Clemons (50 minutes)
  A behind the scenes look at the early days of NASA's Space Shuttle Program. An informative and often surprising story, including videos, photographs, and anecdotes, of how the Shuttle came to be and some of the exceptional men and women who made it all happen.
6:00 PM How to Write Religion (When You Are a Non-Believer) Salon B
  Gary L Lester (M), James L Gossard, Gail Z. Martin, Jo Walton (50 minutes)
  Whether you're creating characters of a real-world religion you do not practice or creating one for your own setting, what makes religion a part of a character's life?
6:00 PM Cooperative Games Salon D
  Kristina Lynch (M), Donna Dearborn, Michelle Hymowitz (50 minutes)
  Everything is awesome when you're part of a team! Come to this panel and learn about the many games that require you to work together with one or more players in order to win.
6:00 PM Dead Robots' Society (live recording) Tack
  Paul E. Cooley (M), Scott Roche (50 minutes)
7:00 PM Kamikaze Kostuming Chase
  Persis Thorndike (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Fabric, glue, pins, and needles. Ribbons, lace, buttons, cd's and more. Build a costume to roam the halls. Two hours to play, plot, and plan: to create and cobble.
7:00 PM Costuming from Your Closet CreateSpace
  Sharon Landrum (M), Stephanie Burke, Jeannette Holloman, Holli Mintzer (50 minutes)
  Costuming does not have to be based on ornate sewing projects. Many excellent costumes have come from found objects at home, thrift stores, or recycled costumes and previous projects.
7:00 PM Anime Gone Mainstream! Derby
  Robert Chase (M), Jason G Banks, Kat Sarfati, Lee Sarfati, Christine Chase (50 minutes)
  Once upon a time, Anime & Manga were the weird obsessions of a weird few. Now, they're everywhere! Not just Miyazaki anymore, the influence of manga and anime are pervading through American pop-culture. What have you noted and seen in recent years? Is this good? Bad? Natural? Unnatural? To be celebrated? Or to be stopped before it destroys civilization? Come share your thoughts on these developments!
7:00 PM RPG Gameplay with a Horror Theme -- Old West Cthulhu Parlor 1026
  Gregory Robin (M) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  RPG Gameplay with a master GM: Horror Theme -- Old West Cthulhu. Rules: Call of Cthulhu. Strap on your six shooter and gear up for adventer elder style. You never know what you will run into. The order of the day, get to the bottom of these shenanigans without going insane.Sign up in advance at the Balticon Information Desk by the Maryland Ballroom, at the top of the escalators, or walk in and see if space is available. Four hour dedicated session.
7:00 PM How to Be a First-Rate Moderator Parlor 1041
  Peter Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  First time moderating? Experienced moderator? Come learn how to do it well. Session will be repeated Friday and Saturday.
7:00 PM Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Filk * But Were Afraid to Ask Pimlico
  Erica Neely (M), Steve Biernesser, Eric Coleman, Dr. SETI (50 minutes)
  A discussion of filk, filk conventions, on-line resources, myths and traditions, and any other filk-related questions you care to ask.
7:00 PM Mirrors of Nature: The Animal World Salon A
  Iver P Cooper Esq. (50 minutes)
  We see the world by virtue of the emission and reflection of light. Some natural objects are noteworthy because of how shiny they can be, the mechanism by which they reflect light, or the environmental effect of their reflection. These are the 'mirrors of nature', and they include both nonliving (the Moon, still and rippled water, snow and ice) and living (fish scales, bird plumage, beetle bodies, butterfly wings, animal eyes) examples. Biotech/chemical patent attorney and alternate history writer Iver Cooper has researched both kinds; and in this presentation, he will guide us to a better understanding of the 'mirrors' in the animal world.
7:00 PM Privilege, Privacy, and Civil Liberties in Science Fiction Salon B
  Gayle Surrette (M), 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, Christie Meierz, Pam Smith (50 minutes)
  How is technology changing our ideas on privacy and other civil liberties? How should science fiction reflect these changes? Is there a good way to advocate for a certain point of view when telling a story?
7:00 PM Dialogue Is All You Get Salon C
  Mike Luoma (M), Clint Gaige, James L Gossard, Nate Nelson, Jay Smith (50 minutes)
  Writing Screenplays, Graphic Novels, and Audio Drama - How is this different than prose writing? How can you get what you want across when you aren't in charge of how it's drawn or acted?
7:00 PM Great Expectations Salon D
  Michael F Flynn (50 minutes)
  What's the best way to open your story?
7:00 PM Way of the Buffalo Podcast (live recording) Tack
  Hugh J O'Donnell (50 minutes)
8:00 PM Electric Origami CreateSpace
  Nancy Janda (1 hour 20 minutes)
  Nancy has taught origami for years; now, she wants to lighten up! Create glowing origami by making a circuit board on your paper and using the folds of the figure to hold an LED light and a battery. The finished lanterns often flicker like candlelight. Materials Fee - $5. Limit - 12 students.
8:00 PM Short Science Films Salon A
  Lance Oszko (M) (50 minutes)
8:00 PM Opening Ceremonies Valley
  Mark L Van Name (M) (1 hour)
8:15 PM Swing Dance Garden
  Iver P Cooper Esq., Marcia Litt (2 hours)
  Iver and Marcia will teach introductory swing dance (jitterbug and a little Charleston) for the first 45 minutes, then play music (30s, 40s, 50s) for people to dance to for the rest of the 2 hour session. Coaching will be available on request for those who want to go in a corner to learn fancier moves or work on technique independantly.
9:00 PM What Genre Is This Anyway? Derby
  Hildy Silverman (M), Melissa Scott, Alex White, Jeff Young, Karen Newton (50 minutes)
  Panel discussion on the difficulty in determining what genre to list your work under. Including discussion on self pub and trad pub genre listing.
9:00 PM Meet the Guests of Honor Frankie and Vinnie's
  (1 hour 30 minutes)
9:00 PM Meet the Artist Guest of Honor Hunt
  Nora Echeverria Art Show Villainess (M), Ruth Sanderson (1 hour)
  The Artist Guest of Honor, Ruth Sanderson, will be in the Art Show to meet fans and discuss her work exhibited there.
9:00 PM Two Rooms and a Boom! Parlor 1041
  Alan Aspinwall (M), Michelle Hymowitz (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Do you like mystery and intrigue? In this game, everyone has a role and belongs to one of two factions. At the start, no one knows who anyone else is. For several rounds, players interact with each other in two separate rooms, trying to learn more about each other. One faction has their favorite: a rarely seen Blue Martian. But it is not easy being blue. The other faction, supporting a fiery Red Martian, wants to blow up the Blue Martian! At the end of the last round, if the Blue Martian and the Red Martian end up in the same room, the RED team wins, otherwise the BLUE team wins. Come and try to save the Blue Martian! Or maybe blow it up!
9:00 PM Adaptations: How to Turn your Short Story or Novel into a Feature Length Film Pimlico
  Robbie Whiplash (M), James L Gossard, Kristin Holodak, THE JOHN VAUGHAN, Michael D'Ambrosio (50 minutes)
9:00 PM Flags on the Moon Salon A
  Jack Clemons (50 minutes)
  Twelve Apollo astronauts walked on the Moon, rode on her surface, carried out exploration and scientific experiments, and planted an American flag at their landing site. The flags are still there, monuments to the imagination, resourcefulness, and determination of the human spirit. And each flag has its own, largely untold, story. Jack's talk will include film clips, photographs, and anecdotes about the flags, as well as insights drawn from his experiences working on NASA's Apollo Moon program.
9:00 PM Dangerous Voices Variety Hour Salon B
  Sarah Pinsker (M), Michael Underwood (M), Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
  Baltimore Science Fiction Society's own readings series comes to Balticon once more! The Dangerous Voices Variety Hour takes its cues from such diverse inspirations as the popular 510 reading series, NPR's quiz show: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, and Orson Welles's original War of the Worlds broadcast. The hour long, free event features readings, irreverent author interviews, trivia, prizes, and more.
9:00 PM Concert: Decadent Dave Clement Salon C/D
  Dave Clement (50 minutes)
  Our favorite Stan Rogers-singing, bear-hugging Canadian performer returns to Balticon
9:00 PM Podcaster Improv Tack
  Nobilis Reed (M), Christiana Ellis, Veronica Giguere (50 minutes)
  Improv games with talented, funny people. Audience participation.
9:30 PM Meet the Scientists Concierge Lounge
  Miriam Winder Kelly (2 hours)
  Come and meet the scientists participating in the Balticon Science Program.
10:00 PM Social Class - Friday Belmont too
  Donna Dearborn (M) (3 hours)
  Don't forget to attend the Official Game of BSFS: Social Class

New game starting every evening at 10 PM.
Newcomers welcome,
Drop in or out.
Can you make it from Scum to King in one hand?
Cause insurrection?
Many have.
Come and try.
Easy to learn, a lifetime to master!
Fun guaranteed

10:00 PM Book Launch: The Black: Arrival by Paul Cooley Chesapeake
  Paul E. Cooley (M) (1 hour)
  Paul Cooley's novel, The Black: Arrival, sequel to the Amazon Horror Bestseller The Black, will be published Friday, May 22nd. Come and celebrate! Paul will be giving away some swag, having a raffle, and reading from the novel.
10:00 PM Being Out in Fandom Derby
  Jennifer R Povey (M), Stephanie Burke, Billy Flynn, Hugh J O'Donnell, Steven R Southard (50 minutes)
  Fandom is supposed to be inclusive. What are some issues regarding being out as LGBTQ in fandom? How can fandom and cons be more inclusive and welcoming?
10:00 PM Surviving Fandom Salon A
  (50 minutes)
  Surviving Fandom is a new series from the creators of Shotgun Mythos. We set out to answer the fundamental question: could you survive your fandom? In our debut episode, our fearless host, Mor Hall, and Training Instructor, David Henry, tackle the world of zombies.
10:00 PM Theme Circle: Classic Filk Songs Salon C/D
  Erica Neely, Steve Biernesser (50 minutes)
  Our presenters lead a circle featuring some of the best-loved songs of the filk community.
10:00 PM How to Write good Speculative Smut Tack
  Scott Roche (M), Philippa Ballantine, Starla Huchton, Steven H. Wilson (50 minutes)
  Advice on combining science fiction and fantasy, whether you're putting explicit content in your sci-fi, or putting speculative elements in your smut. [18+]
10:00 PM Time Travelers' Ball Valley
  Leigh Alexander, Lady Ozma, Jay Buechler (2 hours)
  Experience multiple centuries of dance in one night at our Time Travellers' Ball. Wear your finest clothes from any era and your favorite dancing shoes. Hosted by Leigh Alexander and Lady Ozma.
11:00 PM The New Shotgun Mythos: Premiere Episode Salon A
  (50 minutes)
  Joss Washburn is a self-employed, private detective who finds himself hip-deep in an ancient war between different factions of the supernatural world. Shotgun Mythos debuted at Balticon 47 as a webseries, the season 2 pilot aired at Balticon 48. After airing on over 28 stations and 10 million homes, Shotgun Mythos is rebooting for broadcast television and will be screening the hour-long tv pilot this year at Balticon 49.
11:00 PM Anime After Dark Salon B
  Lee Sarfati (M), Jason G Banks, Kat Sarfati (1 hour 50 minutes)
  A freewheeling discussion of any and all anime topics. We go wherever the conversation leads, without having to worry about age-appropriateness! We ask that minors be accompanied by a responsible adult if attending.
11:00 PM Open Filk Salon C/D
  Gary Ehrlich (6 hours)
  Drop by to sing and/or play some music with us. Or just pull up a chair and listen!
11:00 PM Rule Thirty-Four of the Internet: Everything Is Sexy. EVERYTHING Tack
  Jay Smith (M), Bernie Mojzes, Nobilis Reed (50 minutes)
  Dinosaurs. Bigfoot. Tentacle Monsters. You name it; there's porn of it, especially when it comes to self-published ebooks. Well-written or not, there's no doubt that weird erotica has gotten popular. We'll talk about why folks like it, how to write it, and what makes for a good sex monster.
11:15 PM Teen to Twenty-Five Dance Garden
  (2 hours)
11:55 PM Storytelling for Adults Chase
  Bill Mayhew (1 hour 5 minutes)
11:55 PM ZOMBICIDE! Pimlico
  Jeff Meyer (M) (1 hour 55 minutes)
  Come join a group of survivors as you try to escape the zombie hordes. Through teamwork, strategy, and a little luck find the weapons and equipment you need to fight your way through the undead and reach safety. Cooperation and teamwork will be required to succeed in this game. Limit of 6 players per session.
11:55 PM Angels Die Slowly [18+] Salon A
  Charlie Brown (2 hours)
  Movie: A Goth couple who also happen to be serial killers seduce and kill a young executive. Before dying, he alerts a friend, a Bourbon street bouncer, who searches the famous French Quarter of New Orleans for the killers before they strike again. [18+]
11:55 PM Disasterpiece After Dark [18+] Tack
  Stephen Granade PhD (M), Alex White (M), Christiana Ellis, Nobilis Reed (55 minutes)
  Have you ever wanted to sit in on a Hollywood pitch meeting? This is like that, but with a perverse spin. [18+]
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8:00 AM Shabbat Service / Parsha Discussion Conducted by Barry Nove Pimlico
  Barry Nove (1 hour 15 minutes)
  Shabbat Morning Service with Parsha Torah Study in lieu of Torah Reading
8:45 AM "Marie Curall's Science Show" Salon A
  Paul Loeschke (7 minutes)
  A spoof film by Marlene Zechman
9:00 AM Boardgaming - Saturday Belmont
  (17 hours)
9:00 AM Active Victorian Games for Children Garden
  Mildred Cady (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Come to this kid-friendly event that highlights several Victorian parlor games that will get the children up and moving around.
9:00 AM RPG Gameplay with a Fantasy Theme -- Latest Edition D&D Parlor 1026
  Brett Abbott (3 hours 50 minutes)
  RPG Gameplay with a master GM: Fantasy Theme -- Latest Edition D&D. Rules: Latest Edition. A plague has struck the city after mysterious creatures were spotted in the old runis. Can a cure be foud in the ruins? A 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons adventure for players looking to try the new edition. Sign up in advance at the Balticon Information Desk by the Maryland Ballroom, at the top of the escalators, or walk in and see if space is available. Four hour dedicated session.
9:00 AM How to Be a First-Rate Moderator Parlor 1041
  Karen Burnham (50 minutes)
  First time moderating? Experienced moderator? Come learn how to do it well. Session will be repeated Friday and Saturday.
9:00 AM Women of Science: A History Salon A
  Laura A Burns (50 minutes)
9:00 AM Balticon Writer's Workshop Salon C
  Steve Lubs (2 hours 50 minutes)
9:00 AM Researching Your Alternate History Tack
  D.H. Aire (M), Katie Bryski, Melissa Scott, Jo Walton, Iver P Cooper Esq. (50 minutes)
  What kind of research is needed to rewrite the past? How best to work it into the story? How do you make it all believable?
10:00 AM Autograph - Saturday - 10:00: Christine Norris, TJ Perkins, David Harten Watson Autograph Table
  Christine Norris, David Harten Watson, TJ Perkins (50 minutes)
10:00 AM Engineers Can't Write? Some Known Counter-Examples Chase
  Jack Clemons (M), Walt Boyes, Karen Burnham, Gary Ehrlich, Steven R Southard (50 minutes)
  English teachers called you hopeless and steered you toward a technical career. In engineering school, they praised you for your dexterity with equations and never cared how you mangled words. You've come to believe you can't write, but now there's a novel inside you begging to be written. Is there any hope?
10:00 AM Readings: Day Al-Mohamed, Tim Dodge, Darrell Schweitzer Chesapeake
  Day Al-Mohamed, Tim Dodge, Darrell Schweitzer (50 minutes)
10:00 AM The Filmmakers Guide: Learn How to Make Your Own Movie Concierge Lounge
  Jabraan Ismail, Kamran Ismail (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Have you ever wanted make your own movie? Well, here is your chance to find out what it takes! Learn the various aspects of film production from Jabraan and Kamran Ismail. During this interactive workshop, they will go over the entire process of creating a film. Members of the audience will be invited to film a short skit as they take on the roles of the cast & crew.
10:00 AM Fantasy Drawing Workshop CreateSpace
  Charlene D'Alessio (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Learn to draw fantasy subjects from a number of small, fantasy props using a variety of drawing materials. Everything is provided, including experienced instruction by Charlene Taylor D'Allesio.
10:00 AM Writing for the Grantville Gazette (1632 Universe) Derby
  Bjorn Hasseler (M), Jack Carroll, Meriah Crawford, Virginia DeMarce, Robert Waters, Iver P Cooper Esq. (50 minutes)
  Associate Editor Bjorn Hasseler and other 1632 authors discuss the nuts-and-bolts of writing for the Grantville Gazette, an SFWA pro venue which publishes fiction and nonfiction dealing with the 1632 universe.
10:00 AM Decorating Miniature Hats Parlor 1041
  Lisa Ashton, William Kennedy, Carol Salemi, Leslie Johnston (50 minutes)
  Workshop for making fascinators (miniature hats) for your Steampunk fashions. $5 materials fee
10:00 AM Tips for the Freelance Editor Pimlico
  Keith R.A. DeCandido (M), Elektra Hammond, Grig Larson, Wrenn Simms, Melissa L Hayden (50 minutes)
  Experienced editors discuss the tricks and tools they use to keep things straight when editing those rough masterpieces they are expected to clean up, particularly when it is as much wrangling authors as it is wrangling words.
10:00 AM Your Brain: Breathing, Sleep Apnea, and Stroke Salon A
  Robert I Katz MD (50 minutes)
  A brief description of the anatomy, evolution and function of the human brain, with particular emphasis on the specific pathologies involved in sleep apnea and stroke.
10:00 AM CJ Henderson Tribute Reading Salon B
  Danielle Ackley-McPhail (M) (50 minutes)
  A 20 minute video of CJ reading one of his stories followed by friends and fans of CJ reading excerpts from his other works.
10:00 AM Judging an Editor's Work Salon D
  Sarah Avery (M), Martin Berman-Gorvine, Ally Bishop, Trisha J Wooldridge (50 minutes)
  What qualities do a good editor bring to the writing process? How can a reader working with a Hugo ballot or an aspiring author looking for a publisher determine an editor's strengths and weaknesses based on the work they've helped produce?
10:00 AM Writing Interactive Fiction Tack
  Stephen Granade PhD (M), Charlie Brown, Katie Bryski, Patrick Scaffido (50 minutes)
  There are a lot of tools that let you write fiction where the reader takes part in the experience, from Inform 7 (which produces Infocom-like parser driven games) to Twine (which produces web-based choose-your-own-adventure stories) to ChoiceScript (which tracks players' stats like strength or health and lets the author choose story events based on those).
10:00 AM Tech for Costumers Valley
  Ron Robinson, Eric Gasior (50 minutes)
  Come learn how to show off your costume to its best when you're on stage.
11:00 AM Autograph - Saturday - 11:00: Philippa Ballantine, Starla Huchton, Tee Morris Autograph Table
  Starla Huchton, Tee Morris, Philippa Ballantine (50 minutes)
11:00 AM Learn Carolingian Minuscule (For Children) Chase
  Brent Warner (50 minutes)
  A very simple -- and therefore very useful -- form of calligraphy. It looks like our modern minuscule (lower case) letters because our letters actually developed from Carolingian. This workshop is aimed at children; a workshop for adults will be held at another time.
11:00 AM Readings: Andrew Fox, Elektra Hammond, Larry Hodges Chesapeake
  Larry Hodges, Elektra Hammond, Andrew Fox (50 minutes)
11:00 AM Writing Diverse Characters: Archetypes vs. Stereotypes Derby
  Jennifer R Povey (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Stephanie Burke, Sunny Moraine, Don Sakers, Melissa Scott (50 minutes)
  A panel on handling diversity in fiction for less experienced writers, dealing with things like avoiding tokenism, learning confidence in presenting 'different' characters.
11:00 AM How to Be a First-Rate Moderator Parlor 1041
  Karen Burnham (50 minutes)
  First time moderating? Experienced moderator? Come learn how to do it well. Session will be repeated Friday and Saturday.
11:00 AM Wargaming 101 - Saturday Parlor 3026
  Chris Shockey (M), Joseph C Dorffner Jr, David Redstone (12 hours)
  Are you a newcomer to the concept of miniatures gaming? Some introductory miniatures games leading into more involved games such as Kings of War and Warhammer 40K will be available to learn how to play. This session is not a panel -- it is a gaming session dedicated to introducing new players to miniatures gaming as a hobby. There are no set time limits; this gaming session is meant to be open gaming and not adhering to a fixed schedule. However, there will be daily round table discussion groups at 2 pm concerning simulation gaming. In addition, local wargamer will also be on hand to teach anyone interested how to paint miniatures. Come join us to learn more!
11:00 AM LARP Opening Ceremonies Pimlico
  Karen Miden (1 hour 20 minutes)
  Thaumatropolis-City of Magic

Remember your parents telling you stories about things that go BUMP in the night? All sorts of dark and dangerous creatures that would prey on human emotions, leaving you trembling in fear? Well...most of those stories have a grain of truth to them. Some more than others. But wherever there is darkness, creatures of the light will be there to protect us...holding back the evil and sealing it away, never to threaten us again. And thus it has been for thousands of years. Until now... The year is 2015. The place is Seattle. Magic is real. Very real. All manner of supernatural creatures walk among us, yet remain hidden to prying eyes. They have slowly emerged from the shadows to help keep watch over humanity. For according to prophecies foretold by the Great White Council, the great evils that have been held at bay by magically sealed rifts are once again threatening to break loose from their bondage. Portents abound: massive meteor strikes, a great unknown pyramid arising in the Persian Gulf, a shadowy being cloaked in darkness and oozing malevolent intentions skulking around Washington D.C., and the inexplicable pull that the Supernaturals are now feeling to go to an unknown location in...of all places...Omaha. It is a puzzle. One which will draw both Supernaturals and humans alike into the fray. But is it too late? Has Malevolence grown too strong while biding its time in exile? Is someone...or something...aiding it? What is to be done? Join the small, rag-tag group of supernatural beings and their human allies as they plot and plan a means to safeguard all of humanity. For it is within the walls of their sanctuary in Seattle, a run-down looking tavern known as The Golden Coin, that we will see them take a stand against that which threatens them and their own. Overseen by a family of Bear Shifters and managed by the likes of Fae, Demons, Celestials, and Mages, The Golden Coin is both home and haven to them, as well as the resting place for one of the few operational portals still in existence. They are there...watching these events unfold with equal parts interest and concern. And they are not the only ones. Both sides see the potential. And both are prepared to do anything in their power to achieve their goals.

11:00 AM Einstein's Dice and Schrödinger's Cat: How two Great Minds Battled Quantum Randomness to Create a Unified Theory of Physics Salon A
  Paul H Halpern PhD (50 minutes)
  The story of the doomed competition between two of physics' greatest minds racing to create a grand unified theory: the little-known story of how Einstein and Schrödinger searched, first as collaborators and then as competitors, for a theory that transcended quantum weirdness. When Schrödinger thought he had found the key to a theory of everything he went to the press, launching an international media battle with Einstein. This story of their quest--which ultimately failed--provides new insights into the history of physics and the lives and work of two scientists whose obsessions drove its progress.
11:00 AM Writing for TV vs. Web Series vs. Film Salon B
  Clint Gaige, James L Gossard, THE JOHN VAUGHAN, Robbie Whiplash (50 minutes)
  Every medium has its own rules and guidelines. Learn what the differences are between these three mediums besides length. What are some of the legal issues, and what challenges does each medium pose?
11:00 AM Soft Science in Hard SF Salon D
  Vonnie Winslow Crist (M), Michael F Flynn, Dr. Charles E Gannon, Christie Meierz, Erica Neely (50 minutes)
  The hard science fiction genre is known for taking speculation in physics, biology, chemistry and related disciplines and making stories from the results. What other scientific disciplines remain untapped in the hard SF genre? How does one build a story around a theory or postulate in a softer science?
11:00 AM 1870s Victorian Hairstyles Tack
  Janet Stephens (50 minutes)
  Join Janet Stephens, noted hair archeologist, as she talks about the elaborate hairstyles of the 1870s. If you have any other questions about recreating historical styles, there's plenty of time for that too! The sign up sheet for her 1pm workshop will be made available at the end of this lecture.
11:00 AM Writer Guest of Honor: Jo Walton Valley
  Jo Walton (1 hour)
12:00 PM Autograph - Saturday - 12:00: 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, GOH Jo Walton Autograph Table
  2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, Jo Walton (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Make a Dragon in Scratchboard with Artist Guest of Honor Ruth Sanderson Chase
  Ruth Sanderson (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Readings: Michael Black, Laura Nicole, Patrick Scaffido Chesapeake
  Michael Black, Laura Nicole, Patrick Scaffido (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Costuming First Aid CreateSpace
  Heidi Hooper, Ron Robinson, Kate Szkotnicki (50 minutes)
  Costume failure at a con? Don't panic! Bring your own items and we'll show you how to fix them! You'll also learn what to bring with you in the future for quick repairs.
12:00 PM 1632 Universe Readings (1632 Universe) Derby
  Walt Boyes (M), Jack Carroll, Meriah Crawford, Virginia DeMarce, Bjorn Hasseler, Robert Waters, Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
  Readings from 1632 universe books and stories.
12:00 PM My Weapon Is Bigger Than Yours Parlor 1041
  Benjamin Prellwitz, Samuel Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  My Weapon Is Bigger Than Yours -- The BFG. The Shark-O-Matic. The Dubstep Gun. How over-the-top are weapons going in online games? How can an 80 pound girl wield a 400 pound shoulder cannon? Does it matter? Have some fun sharing your favorite weapons and debating which is are good, better, best.

12:00 PM Blood, Sweat, and Fears: Infectious Outbreaks Among Us Salon A
  John Cmar MD (50 minutes)
  Infectious outbreaks have swept through the human population throughout the existence of our species. Despite technological improvements and medical advances, pandemics continue to create illness and fear. We'll look at how three different infectious outbreaks are trying to kill us, and how we are fighting back -- Ebola, Chikungunya, and Enterovirus D68.
12:00 PM Too Good for the Film Festival Salon B
  Lance Oszko (M) (2 hours 50 minutes)
  Some great stuff came in after it was too late to be entered into the film festival. Is it too good for the film festival? Let's find out!
12:00 PM The Big, Fat Wonderful World of Me Salon D
  Mike McPhail (50 minutes)
  Self-Promoting in the Tradition of CJ Henderson - Panelists would discuss self-promotion and provide examples of CJ's methods and their own, the importance of self-promotion, and where to find opportunities.
12:00 PM The Big Score: The Soundtrack of Science Fiction Tack
  Tee Morris, Brick Barrientos (50 minutes)
  We always know when Darth Vader is on the way, when James Bond is coming to the rescue, or when you're entering the city limits of Bon Temps, Louisiana. Music forms an integral part of television and cinema, yet it is rarely examined or celebrated.
12:30 PM Music Guest of Honor: Erica Neely Valley
  Erica Neely, Dave Clement (50 minutes)
  Our Music GOH spends an hour killing and torturing characters in song. Just remember - not everybody dies!
1:00 PM Autograph - Saturday - 13:00: Art GOH Ruth Sanderson, Michael F Flynn Autograph Table
  Ruth Sanderson, Michael F Flynn (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Magic Show with Mark MacDicken Chase
  Mark "Flabbergast" MacDicken (50 minutes)
  "Flabbergast" is a time-traveling wizard who amuses children and adults alike with feats of prestidigitation and legerdemain! Prepare to be... Flabbergasted!
1:00 PM Readings: Charlie Brown, Michelle D Sonnier (Michelle Stengel ), Jeff Young Chesapeake
  Michelle D Sonnier, Charlie Brown, Jeff Young (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Exploring the Lore of Celtic and Norse Mythical Figures Concierge Lounge
  TJ Perkins (M) (1 hour 20 minutes)
  TJ Perkins will present the lives, background, myths, and legends of Gods and Goddesses in Celtic and Norse Mythology, followed by a Pathworking for you to 'meet' the character you'd like to work with, then a fun writing exercise to get those creative juices flowing. You'll walk away with tons of information and the spark of a new story idea.
Stop by the information desk at the top of the escalator to sign up to reserve your spot. Space is limited.
1:00 PM Painting Ball-Jointed Dolls CreateSpace
  Tristan Alexander (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Matrons and Crones: Older Female Characters in Fantasy and Science Fiction Derby
  Gail Z. Martin (M), Karen Burnham, Paula S Jordan, Sarah Pinsker, Virginia DeMarce (50 minutes)
  All too often, older women in fiction are included only to provide background for the protagonist. How can we make sure that they're actual characters with their own roles to play?
1:00 PM CJ Henderson Memorial Garden
  Danielle Ackley-McPhail (M), Jeff Young, Patrick Thomas, Mike McPhail, Keith R.A. DeCandido (2 hours)
1:00 PM MMORPG Friendships: Real Game Friends or Real Life Friends Parlor 1026
  Samuel Prellwitz, Benjamin Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  MMORPG Friendships: Real Game Friends or Real Life Friends. As online gaming becomes omnipresent, do the friendships formed in-game go beyond the game? What are the differences between group dynamics and individual friendships? How are real life friendships and relations -- formed before meeting up in online gaming -- affected once online?
1:00 PM How to Build a Meal for your Invented World Parlor 1041
  Denise Clemons (50 minutes)
  In this interactive workshop, participants will take a familiar recipe from a known cookbook (e.g., Joy of Cooking, Sliver Palate, Julia Child) and re-invent both the ingredients and techniques based on the characteristics of the world in which their characters are trying to live. For those not currently working on a story or novel, the features of an imagined world will be provided.
1:00 PM Informing Tolkien: Women of Arda Pimlico
  Iver P Cooper Esq., Vonnie Winslow Crist, 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, Berakha Lana Guggenheim (50 minutes)
  A look at the women of Middle Earth, discussions of Tolkien's possible feminism (or misogyny), and Why Do We Even Care
1:00 PM Celebrating 25 Years of Discovery with the Hubble Space Telescope Salon A
  Jennifer Wiseman PhD (50 minutes)
  This year, we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope, launched in 1990. This amazing orbiting observatory has effectively "changed the textbooks," as astronomers have used Hubble to transform our understanding of the solar system, galaxies, and even the history of the universe. Hubble has given us a new glimpse of exoplanet atmospheres, black holes, and even an accelerating universe. Its iconic images have also impacted worldwide society, thus becoming truly "the peoples' telescope." Dr. Wiseman will present an overview of the Hubble Space Telescope mission, including the key scientific advancements and unexpected discoveries it has enabled. She will also discuss the unique role that humans, especially astronauts, have played in making this observatory a success.
1:00 PM 1870s Hair Dressing for the Modern Time-Traveller Salon C
  Janet Stephens (1 hour 50 minutes)
  This workshop is aimed at people with shorter hair who need augmentation for the updos they imagine. Topics covered: braid switches, making curl pins and panels, fake buns, making hair 'rollers' and pads--stuff that looks hard but isn't really. These are low investment objects you can pile on your own head, or make for others -- use, abuse and toss. Anyone who can 3-strand braid and is comfortable with hand sewing or embroidery has adequate skills to take the workshop. Material fee - $40. Limit - 20 students. Sign up at the end of Janet's 11am presentation; walk-ins will be limited according to available space.
1:00 PM Do You Want Pulp with That? Salon D
  Steven R Southard (M), John L French, Michael Underwood, Michael Black (50 minutes)
  CJ Henderson wrote a lot of pulp-style fiction and franchise work for The Spider, The Domino Lady, Kolchak, and more. Panelists discuss CJ's pulp offerings, pulp fiction in general, and writing for the pulps themselves. What is the lure? Why is this a guilty pleasure?
1:00 PM Metamor City Live Audio Drama Tack
  Mildred Cady (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Autograph - Saturday - 14:00: Vonnie Winslow, Crist Kelly A Harmon Autograph Table
  Kelly A Harmon, Vonnie Winslow Crist (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Let It Go with Leigh Alexander and Jay Buechler Chase
  Leigh Alexander, Jay Buechler (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Shibori Techniques CreateSpace
  Carole I Parker (50 minutes)
  Shibori techniques have been around since the year 600. These historic techniques include binding, shaped needle (stitching), clamping, and pole wrapping.
Handout provided.
2:00 PM Targeting Submissions: The Pitch Derby
  Joy Ward (M), Jennifer R Povey, Aaron Rosenberg, Bud Sparhawk, Lawrence Schoen (50 minutes)
  How do you pick the best publications to send your work to? How do you sell them on your ideas and craft?
2:00 PM RPG Gameplay with a Sci-Fi Theme -- Traveler Parlor 1026
  Tamara Murphy (M) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  RPG Gameplay with a master GM: Sci-Fi Theme -- Traveler. Rules: 'Traveler'. Welcome to the world of traveler - 24th century mankind has not reached the lofty dreams of Roddenberry and now lives in a world and universe dominated by the imperium some brave souls muster from Imperial Service and enter the rim. You are on such person, a member of the free trader SS Quark, and what horrors and prizes await on the rim are anyone's guess... Sign up in advance at the Balticon Information Desk by the Maryland Ballroom, at the top of the escalators, or walk in and see if space is available. Four hour dedicated session.
2:00 PM Readings: Walt Boyes, Robert Waters Parlor 1041
  Walt Boyes, Robert Waters (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Reading as a Writer Pimlico
  Gaelin Bryant (M), Sarah Avery, Tim Dodge, Hugh J O'Donnell, Mark L Van Name (50 minutes)
  How do writers interact with the fiction they're reading? How do you read not only for pleasure but to improve your craft?
2:00 PM Just how many Universes Are There, Anyway? Salon A
  John Ashmead PhD (50 minutes)
  Why do many physicists think there may be an infinite number of universes? What would they be like? What might life be like in parallel universes? How might we detect them? Could we travel between them? And what does quantum mechanics have to do with the multiverse?
2:00 PM How to Be a Better Roleplayer Salon D
  Zach Eirins (M), Peter Bryant, PC Haring, Neal Levin (50 minutes)
  Are you a seasoned role-player who started role-playing when the first edition of D&D came out? Or did you just start role-playing in the last decade and are fairly new to role-playing? This panel will explore how to get into character and really 'be' your character when engaging a role-playing game. This is your chance to share your experience and learn from others with almost 20 years of experience role-playing. Come join the discussion!
2:00 PM Disasterpiece Theatre Podcast (live recording) Tack
  Stephen Granade PhD, Alex White (50 minutes)
2:30 PM Book Launch: Alibi Jones and the Hornet's Nest by Mike Luoma Chesapeake
  Mike Luoma (59 minutes)
3:00 PM Autograph - Saturday - 15:00: Larry Hodges, Grig Larson, Alex Shvartsman Autograph Table
  Larry Hodges, Alex Shvartsman, Grig Larson (50 minutes)
3:00 PM Steampunk Filk Concert with Mark MacDicken Chase
  Mark "Flabbergast" MacDicken (50 minutes)
  Familiar tunes, funny fan-fueled lyrics, presented for you to sing-along in Victorian Music Hall-style! Rated E for Everyone.
3:00 PM Balancing the Creative Household Concierge Lounge
  Ray Ridenour (M), Heidi Hooper, Barbara Mabie, Jason McClain, Michael A Ventrella, Joni White, Richard White, Joe Siclari, Edie Stern (50 minutes)
  We've all heard about the care and feeding of your artist/writer/costumer/etc., but how does a household work when both partners are in the creative arts business? Are two creative partners more likely to be "a force to be reckoned with" or a "creative maelstrom of chaos?" Challenges, triumphs and workarounds... However they are run, creative households are sure to nurture some interesting and illuminating tales.
3:00 PM Kumihimo Workshop CreateSpace
  Helen Fleischer (50 minutes)
  Halla teaches the art of Japanese braided cords. Kumihimo makes strong, beautiful cords for jewelry, costuming, couture and craft. Materials and a braiding disk are provided. $5 materials fee. Limit 15 participants.
3:00 PM All You Have Is Audio Derby
  Christiana Ellis (M), PC Haring, Bryan Lincoln, Nate Nelson, Patrick Scaffido (50 minutes)
  Be it a radio play or a podcast. In the absense of visual cues, how do you let your audience know what is going on? The importance of good foley work and music cues is invaluable to telling the action of your story best.
3:00 PM Readings: Michael F Flynn, Ruth Sanderson Parlor 1041
  Michael F Flynn, Ruth Sanderson (50 minutes)
3:00 PM Adding Variety to Guitar Strumming Pimlico
  Steve Biernesser (50 minutes)
  An instructive discussion on the importance of knowing a vairety of strumming techniques. Chord changes are only half the song.
3:00 PM The Ancient Art of Oceanic Navigation and Landfinding Salon A
  RDK Herman PhD (50 minutes)
  The settling of the Island Pacific over 1000 years ago is one of the greatest adventures of human history. Using double-hulled voyaging canoes built with stone-age tools, and navigating by stars and swells, Pacific Islanders journeyed as far as 2500 miles to find tiny dots of land in the middle of an ocean covering one third the surface of the planet. Then they traveled back, and forth, and back, and forth to settle those islands. With no maps, instruments or written texts, how did they do it? Until the 1976 voyage of the Hōkūle'a, scholars did not believe that such intentional navigation and landfinding had been possible. In this engaging presentation, Doug Herman reveals the intricate arts of Oceanic navigation and landfinding that enabled this amazing feat. Tales recounted from dozens of interviews with contemporary Hawaiian navigators, voyagers, artisans and canoe builders testify to the skills involved in building and navigating deep-sea voyaging canoes.
3:00 PM We Wanna Make a Movie Salon B
  Jabraan Ismail, Kamran Ismail (50 minutes)
  Two brothers pursue a dream to produce an independent feature length film and create a good one, despite the limitations of almost no budget. An interesting and charming short feature. See "The Forsaken Pages," the film that resulted, at the post-film-festival movie screening.
3:00 PM Intro to Leather Working Salon C
  Sarah Richardson, Thomas Atkinson (1 hour 50 minutes)
  In this class, participants will learn the basics of leather stamping and leather carving. Everyone in the class will get two finished projects to take home. Material fee - $15. Limit - 15 students. Minors must be accompanied.
3:00 PM Am I More Sentient Than My Cat? Salon D
  David Walton (M), Robert I Katz MD, Beatrice Kondo PhD, Zach Eirins, Erica Neely (50 minutes)
  SF is populated with sentient aliens, animals, computer programs, robots, even whole planets. But what does it really mean to be sentient or self-aware? Aren't we all just following our evolutionary survival programming in more or less sophisticated ways? Is it just a sliding scale between me and my cat, or are humans something special?
3:00 PM Remembering Leonard Nimoy Tack
  Joseph C Dorffner Jr (M), Inge Heyer PhD, Rosy Dorffner (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Autograph - Saturday - 16:00: Charlie Brown, Jeff Young Autograph Table
  Charlie Brown, Jeff Young (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Sculpey Shape and Bake with Ming Diaz Chase
  Ming Diaz (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Readings: Paul E. Cooley, Jay Smith, Steven H. Wilson Chesapeake
  Steven H. Wilson, Jay Smith, Paul E. Cooley (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Heidi Hooper: Dryer Lint Art CreateSpace
  Heidi Hooper (50 minutes)
  Heidi Hooper, the Dryer Lint Lady, demonstrates the techniques she uses to create those amazing works of art and presents a slide show of some of her award-winning work.
4:00 PM Suspension Bridges Derby
  Michael F Flynn (50 minutes)
  How to maintain tension in a story by suspending the conclusion.
4:00 PM Medieval Dance with Live Music Garden
  Patches (2 hours)
  Come learn a bunch of fun and easy medieval dances! Taught by Patches.
4:00 PM Readings: Vonnie Winslow Crist, Kelly A Harmon Parlor 1041
  Kelly A Harmon, Vonnie Winslow Crist (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Crowns and Swords: The Intertwined Worlds of Fantasy and Monarchy Pimlico
  Philippa Ballantine, Tee Morris, TJ Perkins, D.H. Aire (50 minutes)
  The success of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones series could reignite the interest in epic fantasy, but are writers ready to contend with the complexities of monarchies? Kings and queens, princes and princesses, tyrannical emperors and long-lost heirs to the throne. Is it a good idea to brush up on your chess-playing skills before writing about royal bloodlines? What are the rules and are they set up off-stage in your worldbuilding, or do you explain the rules in your work? How much of your fantasy should be drawn from history?
4:00 PM Weather Happens: The Update! Salon A
  Jason Tuell PhD (50 minutes)
  Weather Ready Nation (WRN) is a strategic initiative of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service (NWS). The goal of WRN is to help the US be prepared and more resilient in the face of high impact weather, water, and climate events. This is driven by science -- both the physical sciences and the social sciences -- to create more accurate forecasts that are better understood and acted upon by the public and by Governmental decision makers. In this talk, we will review the latest advances in science and technology that are helping NOAA and the NWS build a Weather Ready Nation.
4:00 PM Don't Forget Your Subplots Salon B
  James L Gossard (50 minutes)
  In screenwriting, subplots are an integral element of story structure. Learn how subplots work for the screenwriter, adding tension and complications. Subplot case studies will include Star Wars: A New Hope and Blade Runner.
4:00 PM The Role of Science in Science Fiction Salon D
  Karen Burnham (M), Ken Burnside, Dr. Charles E Gannon, Eric S. Raymond, Clint Gaige (50 minutes)
  We discuss when to put the science into science fiction...along with story structure. We'll also cover Ways To Avoid The Dreaded Data Dump as a writing technique.
4:00 PM Terry Pratchett: What Makes his Works so Great Tack
  Joy Ward (M), Hugh J O'Donnell, Zach Eirins (50 minutes)
4:30 PM Movie Launch: Lammas Night, Produced by Scratch Bacharach Concierge Lounge
  Scratch Bacharach (M), THE JOHN VAUGHAN, Cathy Raymond (1 hour)
  Scratch Bacharach is launching a new film, Lammas Night, with Award Winning Director John Vaughan, with Catherine Olanish Raymond as Counsel and Director, and a cast you will recognize! Come and Celebrate! Learn all about it.
5:00 PM Autograph - Saturday - 17:00: Michael Black, Alessia Brio, David Walton Autograph Table
  Michael Black, Alessia Brio, David Walton (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Storytelling with Bill Mayhew Chase
  Bill Mayhew (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Readings: PC Haring, Mike Luoma, Christie Meierz Chesapeake
  PC Haring, Mike Luoma, Christie Meierz (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Silk Scrap Magic CreateSpace
  Nancy Janda (50 minutes)
  Nancy Janda shows you how to take the beautiful leftover bits of silk you just couldn't throw away and turn them into a quick and easy-to-make iris wrist-pouch, perfect for holding jewelry, change, or just looking wonderful with your costume. Patterns and supplies to make two pouches will be provided, including pre-cut kimono silk. $5.00 materials fee suggested.
5:00 PM Treading Lightly: Writing Troublesome Things Derby
  Maria V Snyder (M), Paul E. Cooley, Tom Doyle, Kelly A Harmon, Sunny Moraine (50 minutes)
  While a bad thing may not be happening to your character at the time, the world isn't a happy place. Join a discussion on how writers approach the big topics that are potential minefields (crime, war, tragic events, medical issues, politics, religion, etc.)
5:00 PM Readings: Paula S Jordan, David Sobkowiak Parlor 1041
  Paula S Jordan, David Sobkowiak (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Aurora on Jupiter Salon A
  Dr. Tim Livengood PhD (50 minutes)
  Descriptions of the planet Jupiter usually include the words "more" or "most." The same is true for aurorae on Jupiter, where the power that goes into this minor lightshow is comparable to all the sunlight falling on Earth. Jupiter's aurora cooks the air, making new chemicals and making a major contribution to the planet's global energy budget. The power to make the aurora comes from the plasma in the magnetosphere... somehow. The plasma in the magnetosphere gets hot and jets into the atmosphere... somewhere, for some reason. The plasma gets into the magnetosphere from the moon Io... mostly. Despite being a major portion of what's going on at the planet that is most of the solar system, there is a tremendous amount of hand-waving and guesswork about the aurora, still. Next year, a brave little spacecraft carrying three Lego® minifigs will fly right through the auroral streams of Jupiter, and maybe we finally will get some answers.
5:00 PM Dynamic Voice Acting -- Some Mature Themes Salon B
  Alex White (M), Philippa Ballantine, Veronica Giguere, Stephen Granade PhD, Tee Morris, Dave Robison, Starla Huchton (50 minutes)
  Concerned about some of the performances of your actors? Would you like to give the director your very best work? Alex White demonstrates the importance of power, context and motivation through a series of acting games. Come try your hand at directing our panel of professional voice actors, or join us onstage with a performance of your own. Be prepared to critique and be critiqued, as this panel is intended to improve your skills.
5:00 PM Beyond Creative Commons Tack
  Brian Rathbone (M), Joshua Bilmes, Bryan Lincoln, Mike McPhail (50 minutes)
  Free podcasts are a great thing, but what do you need to do up front to be able to sell your full cast audiobook or audio drama after it is complete?
6:00 PM Autograph - Saturday - 18:00: Jabraan Ismail, Kamran Ismail Autograph Table
  Jabraan Ismail, Kamran Ismail (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Chainmail Jewelry Workshop CreateSpace
  Joni White (50 minutes)
  Learn how to make chainmail jewelry. Joni White will teach you the basics, so you can start to make fantasy pieces for your everyday wardrobe. Tools and materials are provided. Materials fee - $5. Class limit - 10
6:00 PM I've Done My Research and You're Going to Suffer for It Derby
  Michelle D Sonnier (M), TJ Perkins, Michael A Ventrella (1 hour)
  How do you research the future or a world that never was? How much is too much? Too little? Will the readers notice? And will they care?
6:00 PM STAT Meet-and-Greet (Star Trek Association of Towson) Parlor 1026
  Joseph C Dorffner Jr (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Readings: John L French, Patrick Thomas Parlor 1041
  Patrick Thomas, John L French (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Public Perception of Science: Lessons from a Dead Sheep Salon A
  Adam Ruben (50 minutes)
  In 1997, the public learned that a sheep named Dolly had been cloned, and as it is wont to do, the public went nuts. In this humorous and informative talk, Dr. Adam Ruben, from the Science Channel's Outrageous Acts of Science, discusses the fervor that accompanied Dolly's arrival - and how unashamed people are to form opinions about scientific advances that they don't understand.
6:00 PM Gadgets in Fiction: How Do You Work Technology into your Story? Salon B
  Doc Coleman (M), Walt Boyes, Jack McDevitt, Lawrence Schoen, Mark L Van Name (50 minutes)
  You spent five pages describing the workings of that ray gun. It needed to be credible, you thought. Sorry, but your readers fell asleep after the first paragraph. Hint: your story ain't about a ray gun. Discover what to keep in and what to leave out in your fiction.
6:00 PM Parsec Awards 10 Year Anniversary Tack
  Laura A Burns (M), Christiana Ellis, Tee Morris (50 minutes)
  A Parsec Award Winning Podcaster, Parsec Judge, and Steering Committee Member discuss what it takes to craft an Award winning entry. The panel will cover a review of this year's rules, submission criteria and tips from the experts.
6:30 PM Book Launch: Heroes of Earth by Martin Berman-Gorvine Chesapeake
  Martin Berman-Gorvine (M) (59 minutes)
  Martin Berman-Gorvine's new novel Heroes of Earth from Wildside Press is coming out in time for Balticon. Come and celebreate!
6:30 PM Book Launch: Dirty Magick: New Orleans Anthology Concierge Lounge
  Charlie Brown (M), Patrick Scaffido, Hugh J O'Donnell, Scott Roche (59 minutes)
7:00 PM Magic: The Gathering (Draft and Play Closed Deck Tournament) Chase
  Scott Schroth (M) (2 hours 50 minutes)
  Become a Planeswalker today! New and Experienced players are welcome! We will be drafting from the newest releases of Magic: The Gathering -- Khans of Takir, and Fate Reforged. We will be having 2 8-person groups; spectators are welcome. If you are a new player, panelists will provide a quick reference guide to the rules and will help you to understand how game-play works. Door prizes and raffles will also be given away to those who attend.
Either a materials fee ($15.00), or 3 sealed packs of either Fate Reforged Cards or Khans of Takir Cards, will be required.
7:00 PM Learn Carolingian Minuscule CreateSpace
  Brent Warner (50 minutes)
  A very simple and therefore very useful form of calligraphy. It looks like our modern minuscule (lower case) letters, because our letters actually developed from Carolingian. In the Renaissance, scholars were looking for a legible writing style to replace gothic. They took Carolingian as their model, perhaps because they thought it was ancient Roman. In fact, it dates from the time of Charlemagne, so it really is medieval. He wanted a simple, legible alphabet to run his empire. This is the one that he and his advisers chose.
7:00 PM Fiction Writing for Gamemasters (and Vice Versa) Derby
  Eric Hardenbrook (M), PC Haring, Neal Levin, James Daniel Ross (50 minutes)
  They're different skill sets, but have much in common. How does the prose writer learn to function in real-time? How can an experienced gamemaster apply their skills to a self-contained, linear story?
7:00 PM Book Launch: Big Bad 2, War of Shadows, and Iron and Blood by Gail Z. Martin Frankie and Vinnie's
  Gail Z. Martin (M) (1 hour 59 minutes)
  Gail Z. Martin's new books are avaialble. Come and celebrate! A bookseller is lined up to have her books available, and Gail will have food and giveaways. War of Shadows (Orbit Books) launched 4/21. Iron and Blood (Solaris Books) launches July 7. Big Bad 2, a horror anthology, launched in March.
7:00 PM Concert: Maugorn Garden
  Maugorn (50 minutes)
  Our resident bard Maugorn the Stray knows over a thousand songs! Come see which ones he'll grace us with tonight!
7:00 PM RPG Gameplay with a Gothic Horror Theme -- Astounding Tales Parlor 1026
  John 'Chort' Montrie (M) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  RPG Gameplay with a master GM: Gothic Horror Theme -- Astounding Tales. Rules: 'Astounding Tales'. It is 1917 and something is very wrong in an old Irish manor house. Sign up in advance at the Balticon Information Desk by the Maryland Ballroom, at the top of the escalators, or walk in and see if space is available. Four hour dedicated session.
7:00 PM The Pioneer Anomaly: Is Something Hinky with Gravity? Salon A
  Stephen Granade PhD (50 minutes)
  The Pioneer Anomaly -- For years it appeared that Pioneer 1 and 2 were slowing down more than they should have. Is something hinky with gravity? Let's review gravity, spacecraft motion, data forensics, scientific modeling, and how hard it is to keep data around.
7:00 PM Working With Others' Myths Salon B
  Katie Bryski (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Aaron Rosenberg, David Sobkowiak, Jo Walton (50 minutes)
  Legend and mythology can be a rich source of inspiration for writing and art, but also have the potential to outrage if misinterpreted. Our panelists talk about ways to respectfully work with myths and traditional stories that show proper respect for the cultures that created them -- building your audience rather than pandering to it.
7:00 PM Beyond the Wall - A Game of Thrones Podcast Live! Tack
  Christiana Ellis, Nutty Nuchtchas (50 minutes)
  After being cliffhangered by our podcasting founder, PG Holyfield, Presents: Beyond the Wall - A Game of Thrones podcast. Veteran readers guide their newbies through the HBO series Game of Thrones. Join us as we discuss topics near and dear to Westeros and the HBO Series.
SPOILER FREE since 2011!
8:00 PM Understanding Audio Concierge Lounge
  Bryan Lincoln (M), Stephen Granade PhD (50 minutes)
  Two physics PhD discuss and answer questions about how sounds works. What do you need to know to improve your audio productions?
8:00 PM OpenCreate - Workshop finisher CreateSpace
  (1 hour)
  All are welcome for open art and crafting. Students from all workshops are encouraged to finish their projects or practice new art skills here.
8:00 PM Casting for Independent Film Projects Derby
  Marcus Lawrence (M), Clint Gaige, James L Gossard, Nathaniel C. Nelson, Scratch Bacharach (50 minutes)
  How do you find a solid cast for a low- or even no-budget project. What are the keys to gaining interest and excitement from actors. How do you keep actors motivated and excited about the project over the course of production.
8:00 PM Trivia Contest Salon A
  Brick Barrientos (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Come play in a live game show of written and media science fiction, fantasy and horror along with anime, gaming other geeky interests. Or just watch, feel smugly superior and have a rollicking good time.
8:00 PM The Scholar As Author Salon B
  Karen Burnham (M), Tom Doyle, Ada Palmer, John Skylar, Jean Marie Ward (50 minutes)
  Not every great author is an academic, or vice versa, but it doesn't hurt. Our panelists discuss what scholarly experience brings to an author's toolkit, and what writing techniques can't be picked up in the academic setting and have to be learned the hard way.
8:00 PM Tales from the Slush Pile Tack
  Joshua Bilmes, Scott Edelman (50 minutes)
  Join our panel of editors as they read some of the worst stories to grace their desks.
8:30 PM Storytelling with Tim Livengood Garden
  Dr. Tim Livengood PhD (2 hours)
  Stomach-churning stories of science gone wrong, stories of science gone right (stomach-churning optional), truth, fiction, etc. Bring a story and share (you get 10 minutes max, then the hook comes out).
9:00 PM RPG Gamemaster Basics: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Derby
  Neal Levin (M), Peter Bryant, Mildred Cady, Dr. Charles E Gannon, Robert Waters (50 minutes)
  How can you create a robust adventure that won't take forever and is easy to follow, but has many opportunities to expand and grow into an elaborate world of your own creation? Come and discover the elements required to start a new story that fits into your play stem and leaves room for expansion.
9:00 PM What's so Great About the Undead? Salon B
  Larry Hodges (M), Scott Edelman, Christiana Ellis, Gary L Lester, Jay Smith (50 minutes)
  A panel/roundtable discussion about why zombies and other undead creatures have such enduring popularity
9:00 PM What Can We Learn from Bad Writing? Tack
  Tim Dodge (M), Sarah Avery, Meriah Crawford, Judi Fleming, Alessia Brio (50 minutes)
  We all like to make fun of it, but what makes bad writing bad? How can we use this to improve our own work?
9:00 PM Masquerade Valley
  (2 hours)
10:00 PM Social Class - Saturday Belmont too
  Donna Dearborn (M) (3 hours)
  Don't forget to attend the Official Game of BSFS: Social Class

New game starting every evening at 10 PM.
Newcomers welcome,
Drop in or out.
Can you make it from Scum to King in one hand?
Cause insurrection?
Many have.
Come and try.
Easy to learn, a lifetime to master!
Fun guaranteed

10:00 PM Off-Page Implications Derby
  Martin Berman-Gorvine, Jennifer R Povey, James Daniel Ross, Michael Underwood (50 minutes)
  Thinking about what's inferred outside the main scope of the story, whether you intended it or not.
10:00 PM Music and Myth Salon A
  Milton Weatherhead (M), Maugorn, Lizzie Crowe, Ada Palmer (50 minutes)
  Music and myth have always been closely intertwined. From Sirens to the Pied Piper, many legends and myths revolve around music. And from Childe ballads to filk, music has been used to pass along stories of fantasy and myth. Our panel explores this relationship.
10:00 PM Diversity in Popular Culture: Fad or New Normal? Salon B
  Jean Marie Ward (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Stephanie Burke, William Galaini, Sunny Moraine (50 minutes)
  Diversity and representation has been a hot topic in SF/F literature, gaming, and other parts of fandom and popular culture over the past few years. Is this a phase or a watershed moment in the broader pop culture landscape? What role can individual readers, writers, and fans play in this discussion?
10:00 PM Dirty Mad Libs Tack
  Tee Morris, Scott Roche, Bliss Morgan, Laura Nicole (50 minutes)
  Three panelists bring their favorite (or least favorite) pieces of erotica, cut out essential vocabulary, and solicit replacements from the audience.
11:00 PM Balticon Beats II - The Two Tables Garden
  Alex White (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  DJ Alex Mister White mixes live at this jumping dance party/mixer! Come get down, at least until 12:30, because we should probably go to bed like responsible adults.
11:00 PM Open Filk Salon A
  Gary Ehrlich (6 hours)
  Drop by to sing and/or play some music with us. Or just pull up a chair and listen!
11:00 PM Fan-service and Fetishism (An After Dark Panel) Salon B
  Jason G Banks, Mildred Cady (50 minutes)
  An exploration into the different expressions of sexuality utilized in U.S. television and animation compared to Japanese television and anime. Discuss the dycotomy observed where in Japan, the animated medium is far more suggestive; whereas in the US, it is live action productions that are more risque.
11:00 PM Costumers' Post-Masquerade Party Salon C/D
  (3 hours)
  Join us to celebrate the Masquerade, watch the video with your fellow costumers, eat a few snacks, and relax.
11:00 PM Science Fiction and Fantasy Erotica Readings Tack
  Nobilis Reed (M), Alessia Brio, Bernie Mojzes, Jesse Sharpe, Bliss Morgan (50 minutes)
  Authors read spicy excerpts and flash fiction. 18+
11:55 PM Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Valley
  (50 minutes)
  Join us for Balticon's first shadowcast of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!
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12 Midnight Judaism at Balticon: SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (25 minutes)
  The all-night Tikkun Leil Torah study tradition comes to Balticon with an accessible, pluralistic SF/F theme. Group study to focus on the intersections of Judaism and SF/F: Alien conversion, Talmudic astronomy and astrology, fantasy kashrut, and more. All are welcome! Introductions and Cheesecake at midnight kick off the evening. We'll be doing four one-hour text studies, with a half hour on the front end for cheesecake and icebreakers, and subsequent half hour breaks after each hour for song, snacks, and caffeine.
12:30 AM SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos: Text Study I Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (50 minutes)
  Judaism for the Elves, or, How Jewish Culture and Religion Interact with Mainstream Fantasy
1:30 AM SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos: Conversation, Caffeination, Cantillation I Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (25 minutes)
2:00 AM SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos: Text Study II Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (50 minutes)
  I, Jew -- Texts that Address the Jewish Status of Clones, Extraterrestrials, and More
3:00 AM SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos: Conversation, Caffeination, Cantillation II Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (25 minutes)
3:30 AM SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos: Text Study III Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (50 minutes)
  Bagelpunk: Non-Traditional Approaches to Fantastical Jewish Lore
4:30 AM SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos: Conversation, Caffeination, Cantillation III Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (25 minutes)
5:00 AM SF/F Tikkun Leil Shavuos: Text Study IV Pimlico
  John Skylar (M) (50 minutes)
  Shabbat...IN SPACE! Texts Exploring How Jewish Traditions Will Meet The Future
9:00 AM Boardgaming - Sunday Belmont
  (17 hours)
9:00 AM Stretch and Sketch Art Workshop Chase
  Helen Fleischer (50 minutes)
  Wake up and smell the creativity!
9:00 AM Women in Film and Media Derby
  Day Al-Mohamed, Kristin Holodak, Julia Myers, Marlene Zechman (50 minutes)
  We all know that there's a problem with female representation across the media. What can we do about it?
9:00 AM RPG Gameplay with a Sci-Fi Theme -- The Red Menace Parlor 1026
  Tom Jewell (M) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  RPG Gameplay with a master GM: Sci-Fi Theme -- The Red Menace. Rules: 'The Red Menace' -- An Inquisition Cadre in the Warhammer 40K universe using the FATE system. Sign up in advance at the Balticon Information Desk by the Maryland Ballroom, at the top of the escalators, or walk in and see if space is available. Four hour dedicated session.
9:00 AM Video Vault of Horrors Salon A
  THE JOHN VAUGHAN (M), David Farmer (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Award winning Screenwriter and Director John Vaughan presents -- for the first time outside of The British Isles -- The Vault of Horror, a carefully curated look at "classic," sci-fi films so terrible, so awful that they have to be seen to be believed. Trust us folks, you are all going to want to see this, and if you don't you'll be jealous of those lucky enough to get a seat for the spectacle. So the only question we have is do you have what it takes to enter the vault?
9:30 AM The Great Literary Game: History of Shamanism and Fanfiction Salon B
  Alexander Mui (1 hour 20 minutes)
  This presentation looks at the historical roots of fanfiction from ancient shamans and myth tellers who would pass on stories from generation to generation. This panel looks into comic writer Alan Moore's definition of 'Literary Game' when which science fiction writers of the 20th century would write 'fanfiction' of previous writers works, example includes Poe's Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym, continued by Jules Vernes as An Antarctic Mystery, then continued by Lovecraft as Mountains of Maddess. This presentation will then look at the evolution of modern fanfiction and the different types that exist today.
9:30 AM Science Special Guest Edie Stern -- Inventor and holder of 140 information technology patents, and an SF fan Valley
  Marv Zelkowitz (M), Edie Stern (50 minutes)
10:00 AM Autograph - Sunday - 10:00: Keith R.A. DeCandido, Jay Smith, Patrick Thomas Autograph Table
  Keith R.A. DeCandido, Jay Smith, Patrick Thomas (50 minutes)
10:00 AM Balloon Bounce Space and Face Painting with Ming Diaz Chase
  Ming Diaz (50 minutes)
10:00 AM Readings: Philippa Ballantine, Dave Robison, David Harten Watson Chesapeake
  Dave Robison, Philippa Ballantine, David Harten Watson (50 minutes)
10:00 AM The Filmmaking Process Concierge Lounge
  Julia Myers (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Matt Winterhater, Russ Allnutt, Alexander Lee (50 minutes)
  The Director, Writer, DP, Sound Specialist, and Editor for the Film Festival entry "Touch of Love" talk you thought the process of creating a film, start to finish.
10:00 AM Intro to Scratchboard with Ruth Sanderson CreateSpace
  Ruth Sanderson (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Ruth will present a slide show overview of the medium with numerous examples of scratchboard styles and techniques and a short demo. Afterward, interested participants can make a Dragon in Scratchboard! Dragon reference pictures will be provided, or artists may use their imagination. Tools and scratch paper will be available free to use for up to 20 participants, or more serious artists can buy a pro scratchboard block from Ruth for around $6.
10:00 AM Vocal Warmups and Relaxation Techniques Derby
  Deja Biernesser, Sandry Wilkie (50 minutes)
10:00 AM Rennfaire Fabric Rosettes Parlor 1041
  Lisa Ashton, Carol Salemi, Leslie Johnston (50 minutes)
  A make-and-take workshop on fashioning fabric rosettes for rennfaire outfits.
$10 materials fee
10:00 AM Character Workshop with Jo Walton Pimlico
  Jo Walton (1 hour 20 minutes)
10:00 AM Reading Outside your Genre for SF/F Writers Salon C
  Gaelin Bryant (M), Jack Clemons, Vonnie Winslow Crist, Aaron Rosenberg, David Sobkowiak (50 minutes)
  What do people who work in speculative fiction have to learn from works outside of the genre? How can the writing student who wants to work in science fiction and fantasy not only survive in a university literature program, but thrive?
10:00 AM Exploring Publishing Platforms Salon D
  Mike Allen, Neal Levin, Mike Luoma, Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
  Desktop publishing has come a long way. Learn the ins and outs of the various publishing platforms.
10:00 AM In Search of new Podcasts Tack
  Laura A Burns (M), Christiana Ellis, Tim Dodge, Patrick Scaffido (50 minutes)
  This is the age of Serial and Welcome to Night Vale. Podcasts are bigger than ever. But what are the podcasts in the margins, the ones that haven't hit it big? Panelists will share their top recommendations. Bring your notebooks and your podcatchers, and prepare for new audio pleasures.
10:30 AM Baen Roadshow Garden
  Mark L Van Name (M) (1 hour 20 minutes)
  Mark Van Name brings the Baen Roadshow back to Balticon! Features Baen books and Baen authors, such as one of this year's Balticon Guests of Honor, Charles Gannon. Book gveaways, too.
10:45 AM Dinosaurs: The Update! 2015 Valley
  Dr. Thomas R Holtz (50 minutes)
  What is the latest news concerning paleontological research into dinosaurs? What new discoveries have been made? Find out in this annual Balticon tradition.
11:00 AM Autograph - Sunday - 11:00: Paul E. Cooley, Scott Roche, Steven H. Wilson Autograph Table
  Steven H. Wilson, Paul E. Cooley, Scott Roche (50 minutes)
11:00 AM Children's Filk Concert Chase
  Emily Lewis, Dave Clement, Gary Ehrlich (50 minutes)
  Some folk songs for folks who ain't been born yet, sung for those born in the not too distant past (and anyone young at heart).
11:00 AM Readings: Christiana Ellis, Starla Huchton, Alex White Chesapeake
  Alex White, Christiana Ellis, Starla Huchton (50 minutes)
11:00 AM Readings: Ada Palmer, Melissa Scott, Steven R Southard Concierge Lounge
  Melissa Scott, Steven R Southard, Ada Palmer (50 minutes)
11:00 AM How to Start Writing Derby
  Michael Black (M), Paula S Jordan, Hugh J O'Donnell, Don Sakers, Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
  Workshops, writing circles, and NaNoWriMo. How do you start writing, and how do you make sure you keep at it? Younger and beginning writers are encouraged to attend.
11:00 AM Wargaming 101 - Sunday Parlor 3026
  Chris Shockey (M), Joseph C Dorffner Jr, David Redstone (12 hours)
  Do you enjoy wargaming and/or miniatures gaming? Come join us for this open Gaming session where folks can explore areas within conflict and sports simulation gaming that interest them. There will be daily round table discussion groups at 2 pm concerning simulation gaming. In addition, local wargamer will also be on hand to teach anyone interested how to paint miniatures. Hope to see you there!
11:00 AM Post-Masquerade Show and Tell Salon A
  Gaia Eirich (50 minutes)
  Bring the best parts of your costume to show off for your colleagues. Let us all ooh and ah as you demonstrate how you made things work.
11:00 AM How to Intelligently Do Horrible Things to your Characters Salon B
  Trisha J Wooldridge (M), Katie Bryski, Russ Colchamiro, William Galaini, Joshua Palmatier (50 minutes)
  Every character does not have an idyllic past, nor is their journey through a story always smooth. How do you decide which of the wide range of awful things happen to your character, and how to treat traumatic events appropriately but not water down the impact of the events on your characters and story
11:00 AM Budget Film Making Salon C
  James L Gossard (M), Clint Gaige, Bart Young, Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
  Indie film is all about adding value without spending the money. There are a lot of ways to do that. How can you achieve high end shots without spending high end money? What tools and resources are available to indie filmmakers?
11:00 AM The best Worst B-Movies ever Made Salon D
  James Chambers, Peter Prellwitz, Bethlynn Prellwitz, Jennifer R Povey (50 minutes)
  CJ Henderson was both a movie critic and big fan of movies, B- and otherwise. Panelists will discuss the movies so bad that they are cult classics beloved by all. What makes them great. What makes them bad. Excerpts for each movie will be read from CJ's big book of sci-fi movie reviews.
11:00 AM Full Cast or Straight Read Tack
  Doc Coleman (M), Billy Flynn, PC Haring, Mark Kilfoil, Bryan Lincoln (50 minutes)
  So you've written your novel, what audio format is the best solution to get your work into people's ears?
12:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 12:00: Jack Campbell/John Hemry, Bud Sparhawk Autograph Table
  Bud Sparhawk, Jack Campbell/John Hemry (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Illustrating Fairy Tales with Artist Guest of Honor Ruth Sanderson Chase
  Ruth Sanderson (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Readings: Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Doc Coleman, James Daniel Ross Chesapeake
  Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Doc Coleman, James Daniel Ross (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Broad Universe Reading I Concierge Lounge
  Trisha J Wooldridge (M) (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Watercolor Demonstration CreateSpace
  Alan F. Beck (50 minutes)
  Alan Beck will be working on a new Nogard and Jackpot (dragon & kitten) illustration, demonstrating his preparation and working technique.
12:00 PM From Idea to Game: How to Design Games Derby
  Ken Burnside (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Ken Burnside discusses how to design games, what aspects of game design are art, what are sheer drudgery, and points out the five phases of game design. Designing games is more than having a good idea: it's iterating on several playtests of that idea until you sharpen it into something that works, then shepherding it through blind testing, editing, layout, production, and printing.
12:00 PM The Doctor's Journey Garden
  Jeff Young (M), Martin Berman-Gorvine, Christine Norris, Hildy Silverman (50 minutes)
  Ten years ago, Doctor Who returned to television. Since then, four actors and two showrunners have interpreted him for the modern viewer. How has the characterization of the the Doctor changed over the course of the revival? How have his adventures and traveling companions affected him?
12:00 PM Putting a Pretty Face on Small Press Parlor 1041
  Scott E Pond (M), Andrew Fox, Gail Z. Martin, Alex Shvartsman, Patrick Thomas (50 minutes)
  Covers, often the bane of small press publishers. How do you put out a nice looking book without breaking the bank? What do you need to know when designing those covers and selecting cover art? What pitfalls should you watch out for that could mean the difference between looking pro and not.
12:00 PM Public Speaking for Writers Pimlico
  Judi Fleming (M), Denise Clemons, Gary L Lester, David Sobkowiak, Joy Ward (50 minutes)
  Repeat, it was well-received but there was quite a bit not covered in the Balticon 2014 panel.
12:00 PM Fire and Forget: Improved Patient Compliance Towards Better Single Dose Long-Term Herpes Therapy Salon A
  Barry Margulies PhD (50 minutes)
  Herpesvirus infections last for the life of the individual who is infected. While there are adequate medications on the market, all must be taken daily, sometimes multiple times per day, to prevent recurrent outbreaks from appearing. Our research is geared toward reducing the need for patient compliance by providing steady doses of these drugs over the course of months to years with a single intervention, using implantable devices that release antiherpetic drugs slowly over that time. Our most recent invention is a biodegradable implant that dissolves while it releases medication, allowing for even better clinical outcomes.
12:00 PM The Best of the Worst Salon B
  Mark Kilfoil (M), Mildred Cady, Billy Flynn, Michael Underwood, THE JOHN VAUGHAN (50 minutes)
  You've heard the phrase, "so bad it's good," so what is the best of the worst in literature and media that our panelists have witnessed, and everyone else needs to see?
12:00 PM Getting into Short Fiction Salon C
  John Skylar (M), Scott H Andrews, 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, Eric Hardenbrook, Samuel Lubell (50 minutes)
  Online publishing and new press opportunities have created a renaissance in short science fiction and fantasy writing. Our panelists discuss where to go to find short stories and novellas to read, who and what a reader new to the sub-genre should look for, and why shorter works of SF/F have persisted and thrived.
12:00 PM Basics of CD Recording Salon D
  Eric Coleman (M), Maugorn, Sandry Wilkie, Lizzie Crowe, Lauren Schiller (50 minutes)
  How to get started making your own recording. The panelists discuss song lists, studio time, permissions, and other basics.
12:00 PM Collaboration and Intermedia Writing Tack
  Mike Luoma (M), Katie Bryski, Dave Robison, Aaron Rosenberg (50 minutes)
  Writing is a pure and lonely life--except when it isn't. What are the perils and joys of working with other artists to put your words on the stage, screen, or pod-o-sphere? Practical tips on making your collaborations successful ones!
1:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 13:00: GOH Jo Walton, 2014 Compton Crook Winner Dr. Charles E Gannon Autograph Table
  Jo Walton, Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Weaving a Bag with Eta Hack Chase
  Eta Hack (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Readings: Russ Colchamiro, Adam Ruben, Alex Shvartsman Chesapeake
  Russ Colchamiro, Alex Shvartsman, Adam Ruben (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Broad Universe Reading II Concierge Lounge
  Trisha J Wooldridge (M) (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Old Who for New Fans Garden
  Keith R.A. DeCandido (M), Thomas Atkinson, Doc Coleman, Jennifer R Povey, Gaelin Bryant (50 minutes)
  Like New Who and want to know where to start watching the classic series? Our panel of experts will advise.
1:00 PM Critical Eye: Writing Traps Parlor 1041
  Carole I Parker, Mike Pederson, Jesse Sharpe (50 minutes)
  How to spot and break yourself from some of your favorite writing traps.
1:00 PM Writing Interesting and Effective Short Stories Pimlico
  Joy Ward (M), Eric Hardenbrook, Joshua Palmatier, Bud Sparhawk, Martin Berman-Gorvine (50 minutes)
  How do you make a large world without a large word count? Making a big story out of a small space.
1:00 PM Between Heaven and Earth, Between Gamma Ray and Radio Waves: Observatory Collaborations Create New Possibilities Salon A
  Inge Heyer PhD (50 minutes)
  Astronomical observatories have existed since antiquity. Until fairly recently, most observing was done by visiting a given facility. In this modern space age of high tech electronic connectivity, many observing programs use multiple observatories and instruments to obtain information about the objects being studied. Observatories are linked to observe in multiple wavelengths, to increase the size of the "light-bucket", and to take advantage of differing strengths of Earth-based and space-based platforms. We will look at a few spectacular results of these modern collaborations.
1:00 PM The Science Fiction of CJ Henderson Salon B
  James Chambers, John L French, Patrick Thomas, Mike McPhail (50 minutes)
1:00 PM User Experience and your Novel Tack
  Alex White (50 minutes)
  Learn how to apply the principles of user-centric software design to your writing to increase reader engagement.
1:00 PM "My Fan...Lady?" a musical by The Usual Suspects Valley
  The Usual Suspects (50 minutes)
  Elijah Doolittle is a young fan at his first con. Professor Henry Higgins is a middle-aged fan's fan, and so out of touch that he doesn't even realize that Elijah is not a girl. The Professor sets out to mold the newbie into a real zine-publishing, con-running, Hugo-winner. Hilarity ensues.
2:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 14:00: Sarah Avery, Martin Berman-Gorvine, Darrell Schweitzer Autograph Table
  Darrell Schweitzer, Sarah Avery, Martin Berman-Gorvine (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Storyteller Tim Tells Stories Chase
  Dr. Tim Livengood PhD (50 minutes)
  Storyteller Tim Livengood tells stories that he pulls from out of his head. Humorous stories, stories about how the world got the way that it is (sorry about that!) and perhaps a tall tale or two.
2:00 PM Tea and Tarot Chesapeake
  Christine Norris, Christine Norris, Jamie Schoonover, Jamie Schoonover (1 hour 50 minutes)
  The Maryland Faerie Festival and Chesapeake Pagan Community invites all for Tea and Tarot.
2:00 PM Poetry Workshop Derby
  Vonnie Winslow Crist, Katie Hartlove, Patti Kinlock (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Participants will work from writing prompts to write their own, speculative poetry then share their poems. Potential markets for poetry and submission tips will also be discussed.
2:00 PM Peggy Rae Memorial Garden
  Samuel Lubell (M) (50 minutes)
2:00 PM RPG Gameplay with a Fantasy Theme -- Original Edition D&D Parlor 1026
  John 'Chort' Montrie (M) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  RPG Gameplay with a master GM: Fantasy Theme -- Original Edition D&D. Rules: The three paperback books. Goblins have raided your village and you have followed them to their lair. An old style dungeon crawl. Sign up in advance at the Balticon Information Desk by the Maryland Ballroom, at the top of the escalators, or walk in and see if space is available. Four hour dedicated session.
2:00 PM Readings: Scott Edelman, Stephen Granade PhD Parlor 1041
  Scott Edelman, Stephen Granade PhD (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Starting your own Small Press Pimlico
  Dave Robison (M), Andrew Fox, Gary L Lester, Alex Shvartsman (50 minutes)
  Taxes, registration, a company name... there are so many things to consider before you even start. Learn some of the things you should be aware of before you take that plunge into the publishing mogul pool.
2:00 PM Sex, Maize, and How to Feed the World Salon A
  Burkhard Schulz PhD (50 minutes)
  Plants make steroids too! A major focus of my work in maize (corn) is on the plant specific steroid brassinosteroid in maize and its contribution to sex determination in plants. We found that mutations in the steroid biosynthesis in maize lead to feminization of the male tassel flower in maize. Instead of making pollen of male flowers, these steroid reduced flowers make female ear-like structures. This adds brassinosteroids as a third player to the sex determination process in maize besides jasmonic acids and gibberellic acids, two other plant specific hormones. A lack of brassinosteroids in plants does also cause dwarfism due to reduction of cell elongation. Many of these features of steroid biology in plants can also be found in animals and humans.
2:00 PM GCFCG Introduction Salon B
  Sarah Richardson, Lisa Adler-Golden, Sharon Landrum (50 minutes)
  The Greater Columbia Fantasy Costuming Guild was the founding chapter of the International Costuming Guild. Each year, we do a number of workshops and other activities, including a free haunted house in the Baltimore area. Come meet us, and see what we do!
2:00 PM Art Show Auction and Charity Auction Salon C/D
  (1 hour 50 minutes)
2:00 PM Teen to Twenty Five Pool Party! Swimming Pool
  Eta Hack (M) (2 hours)
  Come and enjoy the newly refurbished pool at the Hunt Valley Inn, and have a great time with your friends!
2:00 PM How to Do a Blog Tour Tack
  Melissa L Hayden (M), Starla Huchton, Tee Morris, Maria V Snyder, Russ Colchamiro (50 minutes)
  How to use a blog tour to generate publicity for your upcoming release.
2:30 PM Book Launch: The Dragons of Dorcastle by Jack Campbell and John G. Hemry Concierge Lounge
  Jack Campbell/John Hemry (M), Joshua Bilmes (M) (59 minutes)
2:30 PM Concert: Sassafrass Valley
  Emily Lewis, Ada Palmer, Lauren Schiller, Milton Weatherhead, Sandry Wilkie, Zara Yost (50 minutes)
  Our 2013 Music GOH and Featured Filkers return to serenade us with songs old and new, Norse and space.
3:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 15:00: Tom Doyle, Scott Edelman, Robyn Wyrick Autograph Table
  Tom Doyle, Scott Edelman, Robyn Wyrick (50 minutes)
3:00 PM Medieval Make-Believe with Leigh Alexander and Jay Buechler Chase
  Leigh Alexander, Jay Buechler (50 minutes)
  Travel in a storybook world. Guests create simple crowns, princess or wizard hats, and their own coat of arms to make their characters come alive!
3:00 PM Readings: Gail Z. Martin, Joshua Palmatier Parlor 1041
  Gail Z. Martin, Joshua Palmatier (50 minutes)
3:00 PM It's for a Good Cause Pimlico
  Alessia Brio, 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, Kelly Shannon Pierce, Mark L Van Name (50 minutes)
  We discuss how writers and online professionals can promote worthy causes and organizations, how to message effectively, and how to build your reputation to continue promoting your cause over the long term.
3:00 PM Crustaceans in the Chesapeake: The Untold Story Salon A
  J Sook Chung PhD (50 minutes)
3:00 PM Writing Believably About the Military Salon B
  David Harten Watson (50 minutes)
  You wouldn't write about growing up in NY if you'd never been to NY. When SF writers try to write about war without ever having served in the military, millions of veterans notice each flaw. Here's how to do it believably.
3:00 PM Gypsy in the Attic Presents (live recording) Tack
  Laura Nicole (M), Doc Coleman, Nobilis Reed, David Sobkowiak, Scott Roche (50 minutes)
  Prior to Balticon, a challenge has been issued for writers to come up with short scripts, no longer than 6 pages and with a cast of no more than 4. Come join us in the live performance and recording of these short scripts.
4:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 16:00: 2015 Heinlein Award Winner Jack McDevitt, Steven R Southard Autograph Table
  Jack McDevitt, Steven R Southard (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Fandango Puppets with Mark MacDicken Chase
  Mark "Flabbergast" MacDicken (50 minutes)
  Make your own paper bag puppet of your favorite hero, villain, or sidekick, in the style made famous by the Fandango movie site commercials.
4:00 PM Readings: Sarah Avery, Katie Bryski, Sarah PInsker Chesapeake
  Sarah Pinsker, Katie Bryski, Sarah Avery (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Reading: Jo Walton Concierge Lounge
  Jo Walton (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Poetry Contest Winners Derby
  Katie Hartlove, Patti Kinlock, Vonnie Winslow Crist (50 minutes)
  The judges of this year's Balticon Poetry Contest will announce the winners. Winning poems will be read, after which other poets interested in reading their poems will be invited to do so.
4:00 PM Contra Dance with Live Music, Sponsored by the BWACDC Garden
  Kristin Seibert (2 hours)
  Join us for beginner-friendly contra dances called by Kristin Seibert with live music by Callithump. Sponsored by the Baltimore--Washington Area Contra Dance Community.
4:00 PM What Is Speculative Poetry? Parlor 1041
  Denise Clemons (50 minutes)
  In the first part of this primer for beginners, we will look at several examples from the genre to recognize the qualities that make a poem "speculative." During the second half, participants will work from prompts to write their own speculative poetry.
4:00 PM Writing Crime Novels in a Science Fiction or Fantasy Universe Pimlico
  Don Sakers (M), James Chambers, John L French, Laura Nicole (50 minutes)
  Writing a gripping, believable mystery novel is hard enough on its own. How does adding speculative elements change that dynamic? Which aspects are complicated? Which are simplified? Knowing where to handwave, and where to go into detail is vital for keeping your readers hooked.
4:00 PM Some First Results from the 2014-2015 Encounters with Small Solar System Bodies: Comet Siding Spring, Comet 67P, Ceres, and Pluto Salon A
  Carey Lisse PhD (50 minutes)
4:00 PM What is Ingress? Salon B
  Mildred Cady (M), Nobilis Reed, Elektra Hammond (50 minutes)
  The world is not what it seems. Alien influences, artificial intelligence, ancient myths, and a conspiracy on a global battlefield surround you. It's time to move! Ingress is a game where the real world is the play space. You can either play casually to meet new people and explore your area, or you can delve deeply into the storyline and lose yourself in tracking down clues among the ephemera. Haven't played yet? Come and learn about the game and the community. Veteran player? Come and share your experiences!
4:00 PM 1636: The Year the Wheels Fell Off the Bus (1632 Universe) Salon C/D
  Walt Boyes (M), Jack Carroll, Iver P Cooper Esq., Meriah Crawford, Virginia DeMarce, Dr. Charles E Gannon, Bjorn Hasseler, Joy Ward, Robert Waters (50 minutes)
  The arrival of Granville in 1631 interrupted one war, but is about to spawn others. These will tend to be at least as influential and dislocating the Thirty Years War that Granville brought to a stuttering halt. 1636 is when those promised crises come to a head, and resulting wars truly commence. You can say that the dominos have been lining up since the ring of fire occurred late in 1631, but this is when the dominoes start going down.
4:00 PM Wordpress 101 Tack
  Hildy Silverman (M), Mark Kilfoil, Dave Robison, Steven H. Wilson, Allison Gamblin (50 minutes)
4:00 PM Artist Guest of Honor: Ruth Sanderson Valley
  Ruth Sanderson (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 17:00: Sarah Pinsker, Maria V Snyder Autograph Table
  Maria V Snyder, Sarah Pinsker (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Origami with Sonya Bleakley Chase
  Sonya Bleakley (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Readings: Martin Berman-Gorvine, Christine Norris ,Trisha J Wooldridge Chesapeake
  Martin Berman-Gorvine, Christine Norris, Trisha J Wooldridge (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Future of YA Novels Concierge Lounge
  Benjamin Prellwitz, Samuel Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  Harry Potter has had his day. So has Katniss Everdeen. Where's YA going to go now? Dystopia has ruled the day in years past. How about now? Or in the future? Our panelists discuss where they think YA is going and what they'd like to see.
5:00 PM ZOMBICIDE! Parlor 1041
  Jeff Meyer (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Come join a group of survivors as you try to escape the zombie hordes. Through teamwork, strategy, and a little luck find the weapons and equipment you need to fight your way through the undead and reach safety. Cooperation and teamwork will be required to succeed in this game. Limit of 6 players per session.
5:00 PM Getting Punched in the Face: An Analysis into the Art of Non-Verbal Dialogue Pimlico
  David Van Tassell (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Edie Stern, Inventor and Science Special Guest, with Iver Cooper, Patent Attorney Salon A
  Edie Stern, Iver P Cooper Esq. (50 minutes)
5:00 PM Worldbuilding For Fun and Profit Salon B
  Stephanie Burke (M), Don Sakers, Melissa Scott (1 hour)
  Or: What do you mean, chocolate frosting doesn't belong on meatloaf? So you're building a world. Congratulations! What do you have, and what do you need? What can you do without?
5:00 PM A Song of Ice and Fire: What's the Endgame? Salon C/D
  Tim Dodge (M), Christiana Ellis, Nutty Nuchtchas, Jeff Young, Jay Buechler (50 minutes)
  Martin said that he had a plan from the beginning, but he's also said that it might change. Who do we think will survive to the end? How will the world of Westeros be reshaped? Who will seize the Iron Throne?
5:00 PM The Shared Desk Podcast (live recording) Tack
  Tee Morris (M), Philippa Ballantine (50 minutes)
  From the writing desk of award-nominated and award-winning authors and podcasters, Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris, comes The Shared Desk, a writer's show that explores collaboration, science fiction, fantasy, and just about anything that catches their fleeting attention spans.
6:00 PM Autograph - Sunday - 18:00: Gail Z. Martin, Joshua Palmatier, James Daniel Ross Autograph Table
  Gail Z. Martin, James Daniel Ross, Joshua Palmatier (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Readings: Veronica Giguere, Grig Larson, Hugh J O'Donnell Chesapeake
  Veronica Giguere, Grig Larson, Hugh J O'Donnell (50 minutes)
6:00 PM Why Science Matters (for early teens) Derby
  Jack Clemons (50 minutes)
  A light, informative and humorous look at the practical need for science and mathematics in everyday life. You're going to be a rock star, do you really need to stay awake in math class? Are those "Fast and Furious" drivers cool or clueless? How good are you at figuring out what's bogus and what's the real deal in some pop culture "beliefs"? Jack's talk will include film clips, photographs, illustrations and anecdotes, as well as insights gained from looking at the world a little differently. (for early teens)
6:00 PM What Makes a Story Long-Lived? Pimlico
  Jack Campbell/John Hemry, Scott Edelman, Steve Lubs, Darrell Schweitzer, Robert Waters (50 minutes)
  Discuss stories that are remembered, quoted, redone long after publication.
6:00 PM International Space University: The Update! Salon A
  Laura A Burns (50 minutes)
  A discussion about the International Space University, it's programs and how you can participate, even if you aren't a student
6:00 PM Editing for Magazines Salon B
  Martin Berman-Gorvine (M), Mike Allen, Bernie Mojzes, Mike Pederson, Hildy Silverman (50 minutes)
  A look at what it takes to be a magazine editor from those with the chops to tell you what it's all about.
6:00 PM Game of Thrones: Beyond the Books Salon C/D
  Dr. Thomas R Holtz (M), Patches, Jay Buechler (50 minutes)
  Now that the TV show has gone beyond the published books, where do we think it's going? How do we think that certain character arcs and plotlines will diverge? Will any of the new TV elements make their way into the books?
6:00 PM Creating Transmedia on a Budget Tack
  Charlie Brown (M), Day Al-Mohamed, Mike Luoma (50 minutes)
  Most transmedia creation takes a huge budget for video and apps, but there's a way to do it cheaper. Topics will include Twine game programming and Plotagon video creation and other free strategies.
6:00 PM Speech by Terry Pratchett "Shaking hands with Death" Valley
  (50 minutes)
7:00 PM How to Incorporate Critique Chase
  Jay Smith (M), Joshua Bilmes, Christie Meierz, Mike Pederson (50 minutes)
  You've gotten your feedback, now what? How to turn comments and reactions into a better next draft.
7:00 PM On Second Drafts - A Workshop for Novelists Chesapeake
  Paula S Jordan (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  This is a two-hour round-table workshop, very informal, designed to answer questions and offer general guidance for a group of up to six new authors who have completed the first draft of a novel and now face the challenges of a second draft.
7:00 PM Music Editing for Costume Presenters Concierge Lounge
  Jamie Hanrahan (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Learn various techniques for editing and modifying music and creating other sound cues, using both freeware and commercial programs.
7:00 PM Molding and Casting Small Objects CreateSpace
  Jason McClain, Barbara Mabie, Kate Szkotnicki (50 minutes)
  Examples of molded and cast objects for accessorizing your costumes. Buttons, props, etc are all possible with these techniques.
7:00 PM Surviving the Future: Sustainable Technology and Alternative Energy Derby
  James W. Anderson III (50 minutes)
  Presentation and discussion of advances and methods that reshape civilization. Technologies that can reduce environmental impact, save money and create jobs, and make communities more able to survive apocalyptic scenarios, and reduce their probability as a whole.
7:00 PM Dark Quest Book Launch Party Frankie and Vinnie's
  Danielle Ackley-McPhail (M), Mike McPhail, Neal Levin, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Christine Norris (2 hours)
7:00 PM DC Comics on the Small Screen Garden
  Stephanie Burke (M), Jeremy Lawton, Mike Luoma, Peter Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  After many years with only Superman and Batman to keep us company, DC Comics has finally brought some of their other characters to our livingrooms. How has exploring their universe through television and video game adaptions added to its appeal? What do you think the future holds?
7:00 PM RPG Gameplay with a Fantasy Theme -- D&D 5th Edition Parlor 1026
  Jay Wix (M) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  RPG Gameplay with a master GM: Fantasy Theme -- D&D. Rules: 5th Edition. An unnatural stillness has come over the forest surrounding the peaceful village of Northdale. The guardian spirits residing in ancient shrines have gone silent and the shamans fear the worst. Without the aid of the distant capital, it falls to a groups of unsung heroes to join forces against this unknown menace. This adventure is designed for a mid-sized party of 4th level Rules. Sign up in advance at the Balticon Information Desk by the Maryland Ballroom, at the top of the escalators, or walk in and see if space is available. Four hour dedicated session.
7:00 PM The Ministry Initiative: An Introduction to a New FATE Core Game Parlor 1041
  Tee Morris, Philippa Ballantine, Nobilis Reed (3 hours)
  Hosted by the creators of the award-winning Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series, Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine, along with critically-acclaimed erotica author, podcaster, and FATE-Core gamer Nobilis, The Ministry Initiative in play. Two games, four players each, and a quick two-hour demo of what is possible in this new offering from Galileo Games. While we can only offer eight people in play, we invite con attendees to hear about the process of how a novel becomes a game, and how a game becomes part of an expanded universe.
7:00 PM How to Keep Writing After the Workshop Pimlico
  Judi Fleming (M), Paul E. Cooley, Bill Powell, Mark L Van Name (50 minutes)
  A strong writing workshop can change your life -- but then you go home. How can you and your new workshop friends stay in touch and stay writing amid the chaos of 'real life'?
7:00 PM Physics for SF Authors: Relativity, Exploding Planets, and Black Hole Disasters Salon A
  Andrew Love Jr. (50 minutes)
7:00 PM Tales of an RPG Gamemaster: What NOT to do Salon B
  Mildred Cady (M), Peter Bryant, Neal Levin, Robert Waters (50 minutes)
  Are you thinking about running an adventure in the near future and need some advice that will help to ensure that you don't 'break the game' before it even starts? If you have your own experience/stories, bring them with you. Come to this panel and find out the absolute 'no-no's'!
7:00 PM Concert: Glyn Collinson and Andrew Marcus Salon C/D
  Glyn Collinson, Andrew Marcus (50 minutes)
7:00 PM Nutty Bites Live: Edgar Allen Poe vs Stephen King Tack
  Nutty Nuchtchas (50 minutes)
  Two prolific authors that helped change the shape and create the horror genre, come and debate (or geek out about) these two authors and their bodies of work on the page and in adaptation, as well as their influence on modern culture.
7:00 PM Sunday Night Film Festival Valley
  (4 hours 20 minutes)
8:00 PM Point of View and Narrator Swapping Chase
  Maria V Snyder (M), Meriah Crawford, Christie Meierz, Sunny Moraine (50 minutes)
  What effect does who's telling the story have? Can you switch it around and still have the reader follow?
8:00 PM Workmanship 101 CreateSpace
  Jeannette Holloman (M), Gaia Eirich, Sharon Landrum (50 minutes)
  Previous workmanship judges and award winners let you know what they are looking for and more importantly, what you should bring to their attention in the Green Room.
8:00 PM Bars, Inns, and Taverns: Fiction and Reality Derby
  Steven R Southard (M), Katie Bryski, John Skylar, Ada Palmer (50 minutes)
  They're standard locations throughout SF/F, but how does the average wretched hive of scum and villainy (or friendly village inn) match up to historical fact?
8:00 PM The Many Faces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Garden
  Jack Campbell/John Hemry (M), Elizabeth Gmaz, Jeremy Lawton, Holli Mintzer (50 minutes)
  One of the differences between the MCU and previous generations of superhero adaptions is the varied styles of the films. From fish out of water fantasy to politcal thriller, they've pushed the boundaries of what a superhero movie can be. How will this help the longevity of the franchise?
8:00 PM Catching Apollo: A History of the Apollo Flights Salon A
  Jack Clemons (50 minutes)
  An insider's view of NASA's Apollo Moon Program, with historic videos, photographs and anecdotes. Join us for an informative and entertaining account of life as a young engineer working on the greatest adventure of our times.
8:00 PM Working In A Shared Universe: Tie-Ins, Spec, and Writing on a Shift Salon B
  Dave Robison (M), Keith R.A. DeCandido, Veronica Giguere, Marianne Pease, Melissa Scott (50 minutes)
  From fanfic to tie-ins, how much of someone else's world can you make your own? What's different about doing for yourself and doing it for hire?
8:00 PM Concert: Deja and Thorus Salon C/D
  Deja Biernesser, Steve Biernesser (50 minutes)
8:00 PM Podcasting 101 Tack
  Christiana Ellis (M), D.H. Aire, Allison Gamblin, Brand Gamblin, Michael Underwood (1 hour)
9:00 PM Mom and Dad Let Me Watch WHAT? Chase
  Katie Bryski, Andrew Fox, Nate Nelson, THE JOHN VAUGHAN (50 minutes)
  Phasers a-blazing, starships exploding, steamy alien/elven love, and vicious clowns. Come out to discuss our earliest experiences with science fiction, fantasy, and horror--and they've shaped us as writers today.
9:00 PM Readings: 2015 Compton Crook Winner, Dr. Charles E Gannon Concierge Lounge
  Dr. Charles E Gannon, 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan (50 minutes)
9:00 PM Game of Thrones Viewing Party McCormick
  Perrianne Lurie MD (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Come watch the latest episode of HBO's GAME OF THRONES, 'The Gift,' with us. The HBO episode guide says: 'Jon prepares for conflict. Sansa tries to talk to Theon. Brienne waits for a sign. Stannis (Stephen Dillane) remains stubborn. Jaime attempts to reconnect with family.' Light refreshments will be provided and a discussion (WITHOUT book spoilers) will follow at 10.
9:00 PM Captain, I Canna' Change the Laws of Physics! Salon A
  Prof. H. Paul Shuch PhD (M), Doc Coleman, John Skylar, Stephen Granade PhD, Andrew Love Jr. (50 minutes)
  Forward's Law famously states: 'Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.' But even Bob Forward conceded that adhering to scientific fact made a good story even better. How can good SF stories be made even better by adhering to science as we know it: General Relativity, Special Relativity, the observed age of the universe, evolutionary biology, and the Speed of Light limit? And what can scientists do to help authors get their facts right? But far future science fiction often depends on postulating laws of physics that have not yet been discovered. What can scientists do to help authors carefully inject new principles in ways that do not obliterate (obviate?) the old ones?
9:00 PM Concert: Cheshire Moon Salon C/D
  Eric Coleman, Lizzie Crowe (50 minutes)
  Chesire Moon comes all the way from Iowa to entertain us. Eric and Lizzie won two 2014 Pegasus Awards for excellence in sonwriting and performance.
9:00 PM Being a Fan of Problematic Things, from HP (Lovecraft) to EL (James) to GRR (Martin) Tack
  Day Al-Mohamed, Jennifer R Povey, Bliss Morgan (50 minutes)
  We love things. Sometimes they're problematic. Sometimes their creators are. We'll explore how to be a fan of those things without making the problems worse, or maybe even while making them better.
9:15 PM Book Launch: Ripper's Ring by Steven R. Southard Chesapeake
  Steven R Southard (29 minutes)
10:00 PM Social Class - Sunday Belmont too
  Donna Dearborn (M) (3 hours)
  Don't forget to attend the Official Game of BSFS: Social Class

New game starting every evening at 10 PM.
Newcomers welcome,
Drop in or out.
Can you make it from Scum to King in one hand?
Cause insurrection?
Many have.
Come and try.
Easy to learn, a lifetime to master!
Fun guaranteed

10:00 PM Knowing That I Know That You Know: Xanatos Gambits and Chessmasters Chase
  Steven R Southard (M), Billy Flynn, Michael Underwood, Grig Larson (50 minutes)
  Thinking ten steps ahead of your readers.
10:00 PM New Media Homecoming Dance in Honor of P.G. Holyfield, Presented by Garden
  (2 hours)
  The folks from the Beyond the Wall Podcast cordially invite you to the Balticon New Media Party/Geek Homecoming Dance. We will celebrate the life of P.G. Holyfield, an award-winning author, podcaster, Balticon and Dragon*Con panelist, creator of worlds, builder of communities, and a damned good friend to all. He passed away after the briefest and bravest of battles against a hidden and fast-moving cancer. Since he can't be here with us, we're throwing him a party.
10:00 PM Late Night Cards Against Humanity Salon B
  Scott Schroth (M), Michelle Hymowitz, Kristina Lynch, Pallas Schroth (1 hour 50 minutes)
  If you have ever heard of or played the card game Apples to Apples and enjoyed it, this game is definitely for you. Just make sure that you are willing to be a little disturbed by the adult-themed cards and how we humans respond to them in a group of strangers.
10:00 PM Open Filk Salon C/D
  (4 hours)
  Drop by to sing and/or play some music with us. Or just pull up a chair and listen!
11:00 PM Shavuot: Of Shadim and other Fantasy Elements of Judaism Chase
  Barry Nove (50 minutes)
  A Discussion about Judaism and Magical Fantasy in Jewish Tradition
11:00 PM Reading (Late Night): Alessia Brio, Stephanie Burke, Bernie Mojzes Chesapeake
  Stephanie Burke, Alessia Brio, Bernie Mojzes (50 minutes)
11:00 PM Confess Your Writer's Sins Derby
  Sunny Moraine (M), Sue Baiman, James Daniel Ross, Jay Smith, Alex White (50 minutes)
  What have you done in your writing that truly shames you? What do you look back at and cringe? What lessons have you learned from screwing up as badly as you have? Tell all and cleanse your writerly soul.
11:30 PM The Forsaken Pages Valley
  Jabraan Ismail, Kamran Ismail (50 minutes)
  Feature film showing. The Filmmakers will introduce the film and answer questions.
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8:30 AM "The Astronomers" -- A short film by Dustin Lee of Maple Films Salon A
  Paul Loeschke (12 minutes)
  A short film by Dustin Lee of Maple Films
9:00 AM Boardgaming - Monday Belmont
  (8 hours)
9:00 AM Stretch and Sketch Art Workshop Chase
  Helen Fleischer (50 minutes)
  A great way to and get mind and body moving for the last day of the con.
9:00 AM The Future Starts in my Classroom: Teaching with Science Fiction and Fantasy Derby
  Art Boorman (50 minutes)
  Given its increasing overall popularity and ability to reach marginalized and unmotivated students, science fiction, fantasy, and genre fiction and entertainment provide a valuable resource to reach and teach even the most difficult students. This panel will present a few basic strategies for integrating science fiction, fantasy, and genre fiction and entertainment into the classroom to increase student motivation and engagement.
9:00 AM Kaffeeklatsch -- Jack McDevitt McCormick
  Jack McDevitt (50 minutes)
9:00 AM MESSENGER's Mission to Mercury Has Ended: What Have We Learned? Salon A
  Noam Izenberg PhD (50 minutes)
  After more than 4 years in orbit, the MESSENGER mission ended this spring with impact into Mercury. We'll examine some of the mission's most interesting highlights and discoveries, and the questions that still remain.
9:00 AM Why Are They Masters? Salon B
  Darrell Schweitzer (M), Karen Burnham, Gary L Lester, Jo Walton, Jeff Young (50 minutes)
  What's made the classic works so classic? How can we draw our own inspiration a work that's already inspired many others?
10:00 AM Self-Publishing 101 Chase
  Joy Ward (M), Ally Bishop, Christie Meierz, Scott E Pond, Jesse Sharpe (50 minutes)
10:00 AM Readings: Jennifer R Povey, Scott Roche, Don Sakers Concierge Lounge
  Don Sakers, Jennifer R Povey, Scott Roche (50 minutes)
10:00 AM Makeup for the stage CreateSpace
  Jason McClain (M), Stephanie Burke, William Kennedy, Barbara Mabie (50 minutes)
  Discussion on how to apply stage makeup, including the differences from normal street makeup. This includes both face/body make up as well as prosthetics.
10:00 AM Edutainment: Sparking Interest in Academics Through Creative Presentation Derby
  Mark "Flabbergast" MacDicken (50 minutes)
  "Edutainment" has been a buzzword in the media for entertainment intended to introduce or reinforce basic life skills knowledge, mostly for young children. Teachers in our schools are feeling increasing pressure to compete with the media for the attention of our young people. We have more technology at our disposal than ever before, and many teachers still struggle with finding ways to use the technology to engage students in curriculum-based activities. Mark MacDicken has met the challenge in various ways, drawing from his experience in the live entertainment field and publicly accessible technology to create "features" that enhance classroom lessons and engage students beyond textbooks, worksheets, and interactive websites.
10:00 AM Lego Challenge Frankie and Vinnie's
  Eta Hack (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Tons of Lego, kids, and imagination!
10:00 AM Kaffeeklatsch -- Compton Crook Award Winner McCormick
  2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan (50 minutes)
10:00 AM ZOMBICIDE! Parlor 1041
  Jeff Meyer (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  Come join a group of survivors as you try to escape the zombie hordes. Through teamwork, strategy, and a little luck find the weapons and equipment you need to fight your way through the undead and reach safety. Cooperation and teamwork will be required to succeed in this game. Limit of 6 players per session.
10:00 AM LARP Closing Ceremonies Pimlico
  Karen Miden (50 minutes)
  Thaumatropolis-City of Magic concludes.
10:00 AM Allergies on Alien Planets? What would REALLY kill you? Salon A
  Sam Scheiner PhD (M), John Cmar MD, Perrianne Lurie MD, Thomas Talbot MD (50 minutes)
  So your space ship has landed on that Gem of a New Planet, you've established a colony. YEAH! Then folks start getting ill ...
10:00 AM Waving Particles Goodbye: The Truth About Quantum Physics Salon B
  David Walton (M), John Ashmead PhD, Andrew Love Jr., Stephen Granade PhD (50 minutes)
  Quantum physics is all the rage, but how does it all really work? Will the quantum tech of the future really be all its promised to be? Which novels get it right and which get it wrong? What do the latest discoveries really mean for humanity?
10:00 AM Handling the Unavoidable Info-dump Salon C
  Tim Dodge, Gail Z. Martin, Joshua Palmatier, Jay Smith (50 minutes)
  You're going to have to give readers all the backstory, how do you do it well and keep them interested?
10:00 AM Future Militaries Salon D
  Mark Kilfoil (M), William Galaini, Laura Nicole, David Harten Watson, Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
  How will military service and military organization be different in the future from today? How can these differences be showcased while still connecting to a current reader's idea of military service?
10:30 AM Film Festival Winners Garden
  Lance Oszko (M) (1 hour 20 minutes)
11:00 AM SF/F Mysteries Chase
  Sarah Pinsker (M), Andrew Fox, John L French (50 minutes)
  From Bester's The Demolished Man to Jo Walton's Farthing and Chris Moriarty's Spin State. Robot detectives and vampire detectives and android detectives. Parlor mysteries and space station mysteries. The tools of the trade in the past (Sherlock Holmes' very Victorian method of deduction) and the future (AI, bugs, drones).
11:00 AM Readings: D.H. Aire, Michael Underwood, Michael A Ventrella Chesapeake
  Michael A Ventrella, D.H. Aire, Michael Underwood (50 minutes)
11:00 AM Fantasy vs. SciFi vs. Crime Gaming Concierge Lounge
  Samuel Prellwitz, Benjamin Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  The online gaming world continues to grow and morph. What are your favorites? Do you prefer solo or groups? Where is the online gaming world going in the next ten years?
11:00 AM Anyone Can Sew CreateSpace
  Marianne Pease (M), Jeannette Holloman, William Kennedy, Carol Salemi, Kate Szkotnicki (50 minutes)
  An introduction to the skills and tools you will need to sew. Feel free to bring your questions and problems.
11:00 AM Not Just Funny Animals: Teaching with Graphic Novels, Sequential Art, and Comics Derby
  Art Boorman (50 minutes)
  The CCSS ELA standards recognize what innovative teachers have known for years -- that there is valid literary merit in sequential art. Graphic novels and sequential art are entering the curricula in multiple content areas. Understanding and appreciating the nuances and unique features of sequential art will help educators to take advantage of this powerful teaching and learning modality.
11:00 AM Kaffeeklatsch -- Ruth Sanderson McCormick
  Ruth Sanderson (50 minutes)
11:00 AM Project: SMITE Parlor 3026
  Noam Izenberg PhD (M) (3 hours 50 minutes)
  Project SMITE (Starship Manual of Interstellar Tactical Engagement) is an offspring and heir of Full Thrust, one of the grande dames of tabletop starship combat. We're actively playtesting and have our core ruleset in near-final form. Come join us for a scenario that could be run with all green players in a three hour demo slot to reasonable completion.
11:00 AM Anime For Parents Pimlico
  Christine Chase (M), Kat Sarfati (50 minutes)
  It's just cartoons, right? No, no it isn't. Come learn the basics-- genres, ratings, cultural differences, terminology, and why a fair amount of anime is not appropriate for children. Ask questions, get recommendations, and some input from those fluent in the exciting, fun, but sometimes grown-up world of anime!
11:00 AM King Kong at Loch Ness, The Outer Limits onboard Flying Saucers: Popular Science Fiction and the Genesis of Paranormal Claims Salon A
  Dr. Thomas R Holtz (50 minutes)
  People don't always appreciate the impact that popular science fiction (particular TV shows and movies) has on public consciousness. A great example of this is the folklore of claims of the paranormal. Investigation of classic stories of paranormal encounters reveal how the early versions of these stories begin as recitations of then-recent mass media SF productions, unlike the later refined and retold versions.
11:00 AM Ancient Greece in SF and Fantasy Salon B
  Tom Doyle (M), Jack Campbell/John Hemry, Jo Walton, Jean Marie Ward (50 minutes)
  Greek history -- rewritten or reimagined -- is one of the more common sources for stories and novels in fantasy and science fiction. Our panelists discuss why it works so well and what still remains to be imagined.
11:00 AM Shared Universes Salon C
  Dr. Charles E Gannon, Walt Boyes, Virginia DeMarce (50 minutes)
  'Shared universes, created by the collaborative efforts of many authors, have been around for many years. They include the Cthulhu Mythos, Star Wars, Star Trek, 1632, Thieves' World, Man-Kzin Wars, Isaac's Universe, and the Honorverse. Our panelists talk about their history, what it's like to participate in the development of a shared universe, interesting aspects of various established ones, and their pros and cons for both writers and readers.'
11:00 AM Cowboy/Western Games Salon D
  Perrianne Lurie MD (M), Kristina Lynch (50 minutes)
  Do you like board games, card games, and dice games? There are many to choose from, but if you enjoy Cowboy/Western themes, come and learn how to play a great bunch of games set in the Wild West!
11:00 AM How To Get Attention for Your Self-Published Books When Everyone Is Self-Publishing Tack
  Michelle D Sonnier (M), Ally Bishop, William Galaini, Mike Luoma, Starla Huchton (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Editors' Pet Peeves Chase
  Hildy Silverman (M), Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Sue Baiman, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Trisha J Wooldridge (50 minutes)
  First the guidelines! Panelists discuss other things you need to do to increase your chances of getting an acceptance...or their future projects.
12:00 PM College in the 21st Century: To Go or Not To Go Concierge Lounge
  Benjamin Prellwitz, Samuel Prellwitz (50 minutes)
  College in the 21st Century: To Go or Not To Go -- That is the $80,000 question. With college costs sky high and heading for outer space, what are the challenges in making the decision to go to college? Are college degrees sought to match a favorite field of study? Or to service student debt in the tens of thousands of dollars? Is it viable to even go to college? Is it viable to NOT go to college? Discussion among the new to post high school and those beyond their 20s.
12:00 PM Pink Vader and Other Costuming Mashups CreateSpace
  Thomas Atkinson (M), Elizabeth Gmaz, Lady Ozma, Holli Mintzer, Ron Robinson (50 minutes)
  Not all costumes have to be exact replicas. Many fantastic Masquerade presentations have been parodies of the original. How would you interpret classic SF and Fantasy costumes?
12:00 PM Story Telling with Don Sakers Frankie and Vinnie's
  Don Sakers (50 minutes)
  Come enjoy the fun, silly entertaining stories told by the amazing and lovable Mr. Don!
12:00 PM Film Trailers Garden
  Lance Oszko (M) (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch -- Jo Walton McCormick
  Jo Walton (50 minutes)
12:00 PM Art Direction For Self-Publishers Pimlico
  Ruth Sanderson (50 minutes)
  Art direction is a challenge all its own -- from finding artists to communicating your needs to getting value for your money to avoiding getting caught by tracings, misattributed work and other forms of plagiarism and more. Our panelists talk about what to do and what pitfalls to avoid.
12:00 PM The Foundations and Roots of Judaism Salon A
  Rabbi Larry Pinsker (50 minutes)
12:00 PM The Pros and Cons of Themed Anthologies Salon B
  Charlie Brown, Elektra Hammond, Gail Z. Martin, Darrell Schweitzer (50 minutes)
  Some people in the industry say you have to have a hard theme, others say you shouldn't have a theme at all. Quite a few say anthologies aren't worth doing whether they have a theme or not. Panelists discuss some of the things aspiring anthology editors and publishers should consider, before they commit and after.
12:00 PM Long YA, Short YA Salon C
  Steven R Southard (M), 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, Christine Norris, Michael Underwood (50 minutes)
  Young adult literature has historically been shorter books -- but Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and other recent works have clearly shown that longer YA works can succeed. Is this unusual, the mark of something special, or just the new normal?
12:00 PM What Do Short Fiction Editors Want? Salon D
  Mike McPhail, Bernie Mojzes, Alex Shvartsman, Joshua Palmatier (50 minutes)
  What is the behind-the-scenes process of what happens at a magazine? From Slush to Sale panel
12:00 PM What Could Go Wrong? The Legal Risks Creators Take Tack
  Virginia DeMarce, Brian Rathbone, Doc Coleman (50 minutes)
  A discussion of the legal troubles writers, podcasters, musicians and others can run into and what they can do to reduce their risks.
1:00 PM Descriptive Prose Workshop Chase
  Gaelin Bryant (M) (1 hour 50 minutes)
  What makes prose descriptive? How do tone and structure create a scene apart from the words and images used? Bring a selection you want to work on or ideas that you're having trouble putting into words.
1:00 PM Creating Graphic Novels and Comic Books to Promote Literacy Derby
  John Monahan (50 minutes)
  The idea of writing a page of text can be a daunting task for students with limited reading and writing skills or for students whose native language is not English. Reading comic books and graphic novels can be an important tool, but why settle for just reading them? Why not encourage students to use them as a medium for telling their own stories? Constructing stories panel by panel in storyboard format can build students' confidence and skills with storytelling, characterization, plot and a range of other tools that will serve them well in other formats.
1:00 PM Spiffy Spacey Balloons with Mark MacDicken Frankie and Vinnie's
  Mark "Flabbergast" MacDicken (50 minutes)
  Twisted balloonist Mark MacDicken creates the coolest balloon ray-guns, aliens, and starships you have ever seen! He even makes space poodles and galactic giraffes! Come and get yours!
1:00 PM Alternate History? Secret History? What's the Difference? Garden
  Denise Clemons (M), Jack Campbell/John Hemry, Dr. Charles E Gannon, Melissa Scott, Jo Walton (50 minutes)
  With alternate history (or allohistory or uchronia), writers explore what might have happened if history had taken a different turn. With secret history, the present day is unaltered, but the past is different than we've been taught. Let's explore some examples of each and the different challenges of writing each type of story.
1:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch -- Erica Neely McCormick
  Erica Neely (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Tropes In Young Adult SF/F Pimlico
  Steven R Southard (M), Vonnie Winslow Crist, 2015 Compton Crook Winner Alexandra Duncan, Ruth Sanderson (50 minutes)
1:00 PM Proton Therapy: Increasing the Therapeutic Ratio Salon A
  Dr. Michael Chuong MD (50 minutes)
  Ever since radiation has been used to treat cancer, radiation oncologists have aimed to treat tumors with an effective dose while minimizing the dose to normal surrounding tissues. While most radiation therapy worldwide is performed using x-rays, this talk will explore the unique physical properties of protons.
1:00 PM Writing Scientists When You Aren't One Salon B
  Stephanie Burke, Gary L Lester, James Daniel Ross (50 minutes)
  The Internet is loaded with resources to learn scientific fact, but what about scientific research culture? We explore how to write convincing scientists and realistic laboratory settings.
1:00 PM Leaving Unanswered Questions Salon C
  Christie Meierz, John Skylar, David Walton (50 minutes)
  When and how is it okay to leave questions about plot or character open for the reader to answer? What is the right balance to strike between intriguing the reader with unanswered details versus leaving them frustrated? Our panelists discuss.
2:00 PM Engaging the Cafeteria Fringe: Science Fiction and Fantasy Clubs Derby
  Art Boorman (50 minutes)
  Many students are excluded and marginalized as "nerds" or "geeks" because of their interest in science fiction and fantasy. Among these are many special education students. Creating a safe environment for these students creates a feeling of community and a shared culture that helps these students to survive and thrive.
2:00 PM Kaffeeklatsch -- Charles Gannon McCormick
  Dr. Charles E Gannon (50 minutes)
2:00 PM Herbicide Resistance in Plants Salon A
  Burkhard Schulz PhD (50 minutes)
  Herbicide resistant weeds are threatening global agriculture and food security! The relevance of weed control of important agronomic weeds such as giant ragweed as an agronomic threat is increasing in herbicide based weed management systems due to resistance occurring to some of the most commonly used herbicides. Recent data showed that responses to the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) in resistant giant ragweed plants lead to reprogramming of plant development and changes in plant architecture. The plant seems to recognize the herbicide as an "invasive threat" and uses its natural immunity system to fight the danger of being killed by the herbicide.
2:00 PM Scripted vs. Documentary Storytelling Salon D
  Clint Gaige, Kristin Holodak, Michael D'Ambrosio (50 minutes)
  The challenge of still telling a story fascinating... it still has to be a story, just a true story. And if you are making a movie you they have to tell the story cinematically, or else you might as well pitch it to a magazine.
3:00 PM Trope Deconstruction, Lampshading, and (Even) Playing It Straight Concierge Lounge
  Mark Kilfoil (M), Martin Berman-Gorvine, Karen Burnham, Meriah Crawford, Holli Mintzer (50 minutes)
  What's the difference between deconstruction and parody? How genre aware are your characters? Is there a point where this, too, becomes cliche?
3:00 PM Science Fiction as a Vehicle for Exploring Science Derby
  John Monahan (50 minutes)
  "What if?" is the question at the heart of both science and science fiction. Could it be used to expand upon both at the same time? Teaching science often involves concepts that seem abstract and difficult to fully grasp. Having students explore those concepts through writing their own science fiction stories is one way to look at the science in context and the effects it has on human, or perhaps non-human, lives. What challengers would the first Martian colonists face? How would life evolve on a tide locked planet? What does it sound and feel like to the crew as their submarine descends into unexplored ocean depths? What if those depths are on Europa or Ganymede? Those are just a few of the questions that can be the basis of great stories and great science. Bring paper and pencil and find out for yourself.
3:00 PM Closing Jam/Filk Garden
  Gary Ehrlich (2 hours)
  One last chance to sing before you hit the road or take to the skies
3:00 PM Wargaming 101 - Monday Parlor 3026
  Chris Shockey (M), Joseph C Dorffner Jr, David Redstone (3 hours)
  Do you enjoy wargaming and/or miniatures gaming? Come join us for this open Gaming session where folks can explore areas within conflict and sports simulation gaming that interest them. In addition, local wargamer will also be on hand to teach anyone interested how to paint miniatures. Hope to see you there!
3:00 PM Science Trek: A Hitchhiker's guide to 18 Years and $200 million of Simulations, Games, and Virtuality. And Don't Forget the Robots! Salon A
  Thomas Talbot MD (50 minutes)
  Science Trek -- Share Dr. Talbot's 18 years as an accidental medical simulation inventor as he reveals how a disappointing purchase led to dozens of new medical simulators, the first interactive online cervix, 'illegal graphics', a nerve agent lab (the home version), $200 million spent, a few video games, the Oculus VR, synthetic children, an artificial intelligence breakthrough... and don't forget the robots! This talk will take you on a whirlwind tour of an intriguing science trek, and more.
4:00 PM Improving Balticon Salon A
  (1 hour)
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